Benefits of Turkey Berry for Anemia – Natural Prevention

Turkey berry (Solanum torvum) is a perennial plant horticulturally used for eggplant’s rootstock. Turkey berries are prevalent in various cultures across Asia and Africa, and is seen through the variety of names it has in various cultures, such as “tekokak” in Indonesian, “sundaikkai” in Tamil, “suzume nasu” in Japanese, and “makhuea phuang” in Thai. And […]

Top Health Benefits of Turkey Berry during Pregnancy – #Iron Source

Turkey Berry is an erect, branched, slender perennial shrub, densely pubescent overall with many- greyish stellate hairs. It is originated from Central and South America, where it is found from Mexico to Brazil and Peru and is widespread in the Caribbean. Moreover, it can be found in southern and eastern Asia and is particularly popular […]