4 Benefits of Brown Sugar for A Healthy and Natural Diet

A slim and ideal body must be a dream of many people, both men and women. There are a lot of ways that can be taken in order to get this ideal body such as through a strict diet and consume many kinds of slimming products. The usage of swimming products can indeed help you […]

15 Interesting Health Benefits of Lollipops

You must be familiar with this candy, lollipop. Lollipop has several types. Lollipop is a solid/hard sugar candy attached to a stick. In contrast to other candies, lollipop was created for you to suction or lick. The shape and taste of the lollipop are many, not just one. What’s interesting about the lollipop candy is […]

10 Benefits of Sugar for Health (No.2 Is Unexpected)

Sugar earns its bad reputation because it is always associated with the main factor that causes the spike of blood sugar level in diabetic patients, obesity and tooth decay. However, do you know that no human could live without sugar? Even your tongue knows better that everything sweet always win over others flavors. It is […]