10 Super Health Benefits of Red Ginger

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red gingerGinger is one of the most famous herbal plants in the community. Ginger has several types, one of them is red ginger. Ginger is the most commonly used for herbal medicine because it has a sharp aroma and also contains more essential oils than regular ginger. In addition to essential oils, the health benefits of red ginger also contain some chemical compounds as below:

  • Gingerol
  • Zingerone
  • Shogaol
  • Dammar oil
  • Starch
  • Organic Acid
  • Malic acid
  • Acidic acid
  • Gingerin
  • Zingerberin
  • Kamfena
  • Lemoine
  • Zingiberin
  • Zingiberal
  • Gingeral

Because the content of many active compounds, do not be surprised if red ginger has many benefits including the following:

  1. To lose weight

Red ginger can be used to lose a person’s weight because of the warmth generated by ginger. Not only that, ginger also contains few calories so it can not cause weight gain.

  1. Healthy heart

red ginger can also make the heart become healthy because it can lower cholesterol levels and also triglycerides in the body. Because cholesterol and high triglycerides can harm heart health.

  1. Overcoming motion sickness

Red ginger has anti-nausea properties. Therefore, this rhizome can overcome nausea when traveling far. In addition, the warm feeling generated by ginger can make the stomach becomes more comfortable and not easy to catch a cold.

  1. For digestive problems

Chemical content abundant in red ginger also serves to overcome the problems of digestion. Therefore, ancient people always use red ginger if there is a problem with their digestion.

  1. Relieves morning sickness

Morning sickness is often experienced by pregnant women who are still in the first trimester. This is very reasonable because of hormonal changes in the body. Although it is a common problem, it can make pregnant women feel uncomfortable. To fix this, it is recommended to consume a drink made from ginger.

  1. Prevent bowel cancer

Red ginger has a beneficial content for the intestine. In a study conducted in America to prove that, someone who diligently consumes foods or drinks made from ginger can avoid colon cancer.

  1. Headache medicine

Typical flavor of red ginger and the resulting warm effect can make a person more relaxed and comfortable. That’s why red ginger is often used as a natural headache remedy.

  1. Treating allergies

Usually, this ginger is used to heal the itch on the skin. The trick is to attach the ginger to the itchy skin on a regular basis until the itch is gone.

  1. Improving the immune system

A strong immune system is needed by the body so that the body is not susceptible to disease. One way is to consume food or drink made from red ginger

  1. Relieves the throat

ginger produce a warm effect so it can relieve the throat. It is suitable for those who are suffering from a sore throat or a cough that makes the throat become itchy.


Health benefits of red ginger do provide many positive effects for the human body. However, before the illness comes, it is advisable to consume nutritious foods and adequate exercise. In order for the body to be healthier and increase body endurance.