Amazing Health Benefits of Ocimum Gratissimum

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Health benefits of Ocimum gratissimum arebasil derived from the genus Ocimum. This plant is also known as clove basil,African basil, or wild basil. This plant can grow to a height of 50-300 m andhas many branches.

In the tropics, this plant is widely cultivatedbecause it has many benefits such as insect repellent, food decoration, andused as medicine. Furthermore, its plant has the following benefits:

  • As an anti-fungal

Research that has been doneshows that extract from Ocimum gratissimum contains antifungal compounds. Thisproves that this plant can effectively fight various diseases associated withfungi. Try also benefitsof lotriderm cream

  • As cough and cold medicine

Not only contains antifungal,but this tropical plant can also be used as a cough medicine by utilizing thesharp aroma of its leaves. Besides, colds can also be overcome by the scent ofthe leaves by inhaling the smell.Read more about cold and flu

  • Medication for stomach disorders

Leaves from Ocimumgratissimum provide many benefits to humans. Leaves that have been soaked withwater can be used as a stomach medicine such as gastroenteritis.

  • Cure diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the mostcommon diseases and is often underestimated because it can usually heal byitself. Diarrhea can be fatal if not handled properly. So that diarrhea doesnot get worse, you can consume Ocimum for free or healthbenefits of pomegranate for diarrhea

  • Treat stomach aches

Minor ailments such asabdominal pain can also be cured with the Ocimum leaf concoction that has beensoaked with water

  • Overcoming chronic dysentery

Dysentery is almost the sameas diarrhea but both are different diseases. Dysentery causes the sufferer tolose a lot of fluid so that it becomes weak and has no appetite. If not handledproperly, it will harm sufferers, especially for children who are still in itsinfancy. To overcome this dysentery, doctors will usually prescribe medication.However, there are also traditional treatments using Ocimum gratissimum

  • As an antibiotic

Health benefits of Ocimum gratissimum containeugenol compounds in the leaves. This compound has antibacterial properties soit is very effective to cure diseases caused by bacteria like benefitsof coriander leaves

  • Tasty food

The leaves of the Ocimumplant have a fragrant aroma. So do not be surprised if the leaves are oftenused as garnishes or as an additional spice in cooking to make it moredelicious.

  • Prevent and treat malaria

In endemic areas, malaria isvery easy to infect. To prevent this, there is currently a special malariaimmunization for endemic areas. Besides, the traditional way can also be doneby utilizing Ocimum gratissimum leaves or try healthbenefits of papaya leaves

The health benefits of Ocimum gratissimum, in fact,provide many benefits for humans. However, it would be nice for you to be wiserin using traditional medicines. because it requires a dose calculation and alsoa high level of cleanliness.