Health Benefits of Ziziphus Mauritiana Will Shock You

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Health benefits of Ziziphus mauritiana or known in Indonesia as a bidara. Bidara plants prefer shrubs, published shrub plants, the process of growth is so fast. But this tree can grow to 15 meters and has many branches and branches that are very numerous and thorny. Grows in dry areas and little rain. Bidar leaf shape is oval with shiny green color.

At first glance you rotate as a disturbing and useless plant, you will not deny that this herbal plant has extraordinary properties. Some of the properties that we have succeeded in gathering from a variety of reliable sources are as follows:

Overcoming the problem of acne

Bidara leaf has long been believed to be able to deal with specific acne skin problems. The easy way is also very easy. You prepare a few sheets of leaves bidara, then mash fine. Mix a little water until the texture is like cream. Clean your face with clean water, then check the surface on the face with pimples. Let stand to dry for about 20-30 minutes. Then rinse with clean water. Read more: benefits rosewater acne

For maximum results,use regularly and the right time at night. Usage of at least 2 months will seeresults.

Maintain skin moisture

If you have the character of dry facial skin, then the leaves of this bidara are very suitable as a natural moisturizer. A mixture of lime leaves, honey, and lemon, a very powerful natural combination of lemon to complement your skin like mango peel. Use warm water to wash and rinse your face while using this serving so that the results obtained are very optimal.

Prevention of infection

Health benefits of Ziziphus mauritiana has ananti-inflammatory composition, so it is very good at treating external woundsdue to falls or injuries. How to use it ointment for external wounds, leavesbidara leaves and add a little water. Apply to the injured skin after the woundis cleaned with clean water. It won’t take long, your wound will dry outfaster.

Good for diabetics

The decoction ofleaves of the bidara can balance the level of sugar in your blood. Diabetes isvery important for you. How do we understand why diabetes is a disease that isdifficult to control? This causes the pancreas to no longer function properlyto produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that can control blood sugar levels.

The herb bidara leaf can help produce the insulin system and restore blood sugar levels, so it is very good for sufferers who struggle with diabetes like benefits cloves diabetes.

Increase appetite

Do not underestimate the problem of lack of appetite. When the appetite decreases, automatic nutrient intake is also reduced. And reduced nutritional intake, of course, there are adverse effects on our health. If you experience this problem, and you don’t need to take health-supplements that require chemical reserves. So one of the questions is the health benefits of Ziziphus mauritiana. Drink this decoction of Ziziphus mauritiana leaves every morning, so it won’t take long for your appetite to increase again.

Eliminating bad breath

Bad breath is caused by decaying food debris by bacteria or germs that are between your teeth or in cavities. This herbal plant approved we must have anti-bacterial properties. These properties are very good for eliminating bad breath. The method is very easy, if you are strong with the taste of lote leaves, then you can immediately chew it for a few moments. Or it could also rinse with the leaves of the leaves that have been destroyed and mixed with water.