Amazing Benefits of Cabbage Leaves for Mastitis – #Breast Health

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Mastitis is a health problem that causes breast tissue to become sore and inflamed. This includes symptoms such as breasts swelling, skin redness, fever, flu-like symptoms, and breast tenderness. It is a common problem in breastfeeding women of 21 to 35 years old with the highest risk being in the age group of 30 to 34 years. At this point, cabbage leaves are known to have abilities to treat mastitis. This is linked to a recent study at a Cairo maternity hospital recommends that cold leaves help to reduce the engorgement that can lead to mastitis. Indeed, breastfeeding women can use cabbage leaves for the treatment and promote healthy breast. Thus, to give you more information, check the benefits of cabbage leaves for mastitis below.

1. Provides Anti-inflammatory Properties

The first benefit of cabbage leaves for mastitis is by providing anti-inflammatory properties. This can help you to relieve the symptoms and discomfort of the breast. Indeed, cabbage leaves have been used as a natural remedy for this health problem. You can also check on Health Benefits of Napa Cabbage

2. Treats Swelling

The way cabbage leaves treat mastitis is linked to the presence of glucosinolates. As a consequence, the enzyme action converts these to pungent isothiocyanates. Then, all you need to do is by having cabbage leaves as the cold compresses that help relieve inflammation and swelling. Amazing, isn’t it? You can also check on Benefits of Coconut Oil for Breast Massage and How to Apply It

3. Soothes Breasts

By having cabbage leaves as the cold compress, then it can help to soothe your breasts. More than that, it can reduce pain and swelling. Hence, are you interested to try cabbage leaves for mastitis? You can also check on 8 Benefits of Shallot for Breast Enlargement and Health

4. Reduces Pain

Applying cabbage leaves may help to relieve breast engorgement. This has been supported by studies that found women who apply cabbage leaves report less engorgement than those receiving routine care. Then, all you need to do is by having cold cabbage leaves on breasts for reducing the pain. You can also check on Health Benefits of Rice Flour for Breast You Never Known

Next, cabbage leaves also provide great nutrients that may help to promote body functions.

5. Source of Fiber

Cabbage leaves provide the source of fiber that will be beneficial to protect digestive health. At this point, fiber is the one that plays a role in maintaining gut health. It prevents constipation and bloating. Moreover, fiber is known to have the ability to protect cardiovascular health. Such an amazing benefit, right?

6. Source of Protein

It is also known that cabbage leaves have the source of protein. Then, protein will help to regenerate broken cells into the new cells. Moreover, it helps to build strong muscle as well. Indeed, what we need is healthy foods for sure. For the tips, it is recommended to consume protein foods such as seafood and cabbage leaves as well.

7. Source of Potassium

Another benefit provided by cabbage leaves is the presence of potassium nutrient. As a result, potassium in cabbage leaves will be beneficial to support body functions. One of them is to manage the digestion and promote strong muscle. Hence, if you want to get the best benefits of potassium, then you may need to consume the great potassium foods including cabbage leaves and lettuce for sure.

8. Source of Vitamin C

In fact, a 100 g serving of cabbage leaves can give you 60% Vitamin C’s recommended daily value. As a consequence, vitamin C will help to protect the body against diseases and prevent body infection. Moreover, it can prevent free radicals damage and prevent breast inflammation as well. Hence, if you want to fulfill the needs of vitamin C in the body, then adding cabbage leaves as healthy food is something that should be taken into account. You can also check on Vitamin C Benefits For Health

10. Prevents Constipation

After knowing the benefits of cabbage leaves for mastitis, then you can check the ways to deal with mastitis below.

How to Treat and Prevent Mastitis

  • To prevent mastitis, you need to have a flexible schedule and feeding on demand helps regulate your milk. This will promote healthy and regular breastfeeding.
  • Always remember to have nutritious food and get plenty of rest! Then, it is recommended to wear a well-fitting and comfortable bra for you.
  • Next, if you suffer from the first sign of mastitis, you can try to have a hot shower or bath and massage the area. Also, you can apply warm compresses or a hot water bottle to the breast before breastfeeding
  • At this point, you can have warm compress by applying a washcloth dipped in hot water or herbal tea such as ginger and chamomile.
  • Moreover, cabbage leaves are a good way to go! All you need to do is by applying cold cabbage leaves to affected breast and leave on for about twenty minutes, then remove.
  • You can also apply other traditional remedies for mastitis. For example, you can have turmeric paste that has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps to reduce markers of mastitis like pain, breast tension, and irritation.
  • Next, it is such a great way to have aloe vera gel or a calendula ointment as well.

To summarize, cabbage leaves have shown the benefit to treat mastitis. This is due to the presence of soothing and anti-inflammatory properties contained in it. Moreover, to have this treatment, you can have warm compresses and hot showers to increase circulation to the breast area. This will relieve the swelling and pain as well. Also, it is such a wise way to keep a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals that help promote body strength and prevent infection for sure. Thus, stay healthy there!