89 Health Benefits of Amla Juice (35 Proven Evidence)

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Nowadays it has been a trend and fame in natural medicine in which the super fruits are used in medical field. Super fruits mean that they contain many nutrients which are very useful for human health. one of the super fruit is Amla. Amla is known as Gooseberry and it has been spread widely throughtou India. It is very rich in nutrients in which it is useful to be consumed for human health. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is well known as a superfood too. It is safe to be consumed for daily beverage since it is very easy to be drunk as juice.

The Rich Nutrients of Amla Juice

Amla juice is very good for human body since it contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, minerals iron, polyphenols and many more. According to USDA Nutrient Database the nutrition of Amla juice per 100 gram is about 4.3 g in dietary fibers, 0.88 g in fat, 10.18 g in carbohydrate, 0.88 g in protein and also 44 Kcal in energy. The vitamins contained on Amla juice are Niacin (B3), Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folates (B9), Vitamin A and C, Carotene, Pyridoxine and Pantothenic Acid. The minerals of Amla juice are calcium, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. This fruit is also rich in electrolytes and amino acids.

Since it is very rich in nutrients, this Indian gooseberry is used to heal many kind of diseases and other health problems. Many people already know that amla juice can make human life healthier and consuming amla juice can prevent the body from diseases. Here are the super benefits of Amla Juice:

1. Protect the Heart

Health Benefits of Amla Juice for heart must be your consideration. Amla Juice has been known in rich of fibers and also iron. Either fibers or iron are very effective to control the oxidation of bad cholesterol level or Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). LDL can release free radicals by the proper function of fibers and iron. Besides amla juice can also make the muscles of heart stronger and it is able to pump the blood in heart easily . Thus, amla juice can protect the heart from the unfriendly cholesterol level by combating the oxidation of TBA in body using fibers and iron stored in amla.

2. Treat Fever

There are some studies demostrated that amla juice can treat fever and its nutrients can give the positive impact of healing the nausea and also treat the fever. Since very long time ago the ancients used its leave to treat the fever but there have been found that its fruit can be made as juice which also powerfully heal the fever.

3. Boost the Immune System

The rich nutrients of amla juice make this fruit classified as superfood which is helpful to strengthen immune system and boost it properly. It also stimulate the immunity power to work properly.

4. Anti-Cancer

Nowadays cancer is one of the main and crucial topic among medical research. Many researchers have been trying their best to discover the natural secret of healing cancer or even prevent it. One of the natural food which is contributing to prevent cancer is amla.

Amla juice is really rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants of amla juice especially superoxide dismutase can combat the formation of free radicals which contributing the cancer cells activity. Otherwise, this amla juice can be consumed as regular beverage to prevent cancer activity inside the body.

5. Protect from the Infection

Amla juice contains antibacterial in which it combat the infection related to strengthen immune system. Amla juice nutrients also can prevent the body from bronchitis and tuberculosis.

6. Treat the Gastric Problem

Amla juice contains anti-infammatory compounds in which can reduce the gastric problems. Since many long time ago ancients have been using amla for reducing and treat the gastric problem. Moreover it is helpful to treat hyperchlorhydria or even antidote for stomach upset. In the same case, amla juice can treat diarrhea since it also works sustaining the liver very well.

Relating to gastric problems, amla juice is also good to treat the peptic ulcers. This juice can become a daily juice for treating this gastric problem. If it is used very well, it can be the super medicine to treat and heal gastric problems.

7. Protect the Eyes’ Health

The health of eyes is very important in order to have a sharp eyesight. Amla juice is also effective to control and prevent onset of the cataracts. While relating to eyesight, amla juice is also good to minimalize the intraocular tension, itchy eyes and other eyes problems.

8. Anti-Aging

Aging is the important thing to get paid in special attention. There are many kind of fruits which are very effective to protect and sustain the health of skin from aging. Amla juice is one of the superfood in which it helps make the skin looks younger than before since it contains antioxidants. Furthermore its vitamin C can also make the skin healthier and preventing from wrinkles and dark spots also acne. Consuming amla juice can reduce the aging problem.

9. Treat the Insomnia

Nowadays there are many kind of treatments which are useful to treat the insomnia and one of them is amla juice. It is a good food to treat insomnia since it has many kind of nutrients which are very useful to reduce the stress and depression. It will also cause the peaceful mind and soul while sleeping.

10. Treat Diabetes

Amla juice is not just a common fruit. It is superfood in which it is useful to treat serious diseases such as diabetes. Amla juice have been known that it can sustain the blood sugar level. It has been proved that amla juice can control the blood sugar level and also its polyphenol can combat the complications of diabetes. It is also can rise the healthier insulin absorption in which it can bring the balance on blood sugar level.

11. Increasing the Hemoglobin

Amla juice has many kind of nutrients which are very useful to combat some diseases occur. This juice is also helpful to increase the hemoglobin in blood. Amla juice has iron content which stimulate RBC production and hemoglobin. It is effective to make blood cells healthier. Consuming amla juice regularly will keep the blood purified and healthy.

12. Blood Cleansing

Some studies have revealed that amla juice can clean the blood and detox the body from the toxins. It is revealed that consuming amla juice can clean the blood by enlarging the red blood cells and also hemoglobin.

13. Protect The Bones

As it is mentioned above that amla juice contain calcium and it is necessary to protect and strengthen the bones. The calcium and other nutrients of amla juice will protect slowly the osteoclast activity in which it causes some bones disorders. Thus it is proved that Amla juice is the effective way to reduce the bones problem and it also protects it and even strengthen the bones.

14. Keep the Teeth and Nails Healthy

Looking for the treatment for teeth and nail is amla juice is the effective way. Amla juice nutrients make the teeth and nails strong and healthy.

15. Increase the Memory

Some studies have demonstrated that amla juice is very good for brain heatlh. It can increase the memory of brain since it contains vitamin C and also antioxidants.

Either vitamin C or antioxidant stimulate the mood of brain. As it is mentioned above that amla juice can treat the insomnia and reduce the depression and stress as long in sleeping time so it can be concluded that Amla juice can be the effective medicine to increase the brain health especially improving the memory of brain.

16. Manage and Reduce the Weight

For those who wants to start doing a diet of losing a weight, amla juice is the effective way to do so. Amla juice is the suitable food for assisting the reducing weight diet program. Amla juice can increase the protein metabolism and it can reduce and also manage the weight. It has been proved that consuming amla juice regularly in diet program can reduce the weight and even keep the body healthy.

17. Treat the Menstrual Pain

Generally, menstrual pain is the common thing happen in women while they are in menstrual period. There are many superfood in which they contribute to reduce the pain and one of them is amla. Amla juice has been proved that it can even treat menstrual cramps.

18. Protect the Urinary System

Health Benefits of Amla Juice very useful for protecting urinary system. Urinary is the most important thing we should take care about. Amla juice has a power to protect it well and even can help releasing the toxins from the urinary system.

19. Treat the Asthma

As it is mentioned above Amla juice is very rich in benefits since it contains nutrients which are extremely useful for reducing some diseases. A study also revealed that amla juice is very effective to reduce and treat the asthma. It will me more effective if it is mixed with honey. It will also reduce the persistent cough and also bronchitis.

20. Protect the Liver

Amla juice has been analyzed in rich nutrients to heal many diseases. As it is mentioned above that amla juice is very good to protect the heart from any damages. It is also related to the health of liver. Amla juice can make it healthier and also can help the body to do detoxification to release the toxins inside the body.

21. Treat the Sore Throat

The rich vitamin C on amla juice make this superfruit recommended for those who gets his/her throat sore. It can be more powerful medicine for treating cough if it is mixed with ginger. So for those who wants to treat sore throat can make amla juice and drink regularly as long as You still have your throat sore.

22. Anti-Inflammation

Amla juice has been known as anti-inflammation. It can reduce the diseases related to infammatory such as pancreatitis, osteoporosis, arthritis and and also age of renal diseases. It can also reduce the pain since it has been proved as anti inflammatory.

23. Reduce the Heart Attack

Amla juice contains nutrients which are very good for heart as it is mentioned above. The function of protecting the accumulation of plaques in the arteries make amla juice can reduce the heart diseases including heart attack. It is also able to protect the body and also strengthen the muscles of heart.

24. Increase the Sperm Count

As it is mentioned above that amla juice is very good to treat menstrual pain among women. The same thing happens for men in which amla juice can work properly in producing and increasing the sperm count. It is due to the rich iron content of amla juice which can stimulate the hemoglobin.

25. Balance the Blood Pressure

Amla juice is very important to make the body healthier. It is the great key to heal many diseasess including to balance the blood pressure. Consuming amla juice can maintain the blood pressure well. Moreover it can control the cholesterol level in blood. So thinking about keeping and balancing the blood pressure, Amla Juice will be the best natural juice to do so.

26. Manage the Carbohydrate Metabolism

Amla juice contains the chromium. It is very necessary to strengthen body and also manage the carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, amla juice can assit the body to affect the insulin and it also effectively combat the glucose level in blood.

27. Treat the Constipation

This multibenefit fruit has been known as the effective medicine to treat the constipation problem. The amla juice can be preserved in sugar and known as the laxative. Moreover they import the amla fruit to Europe as the laxative to reduce the constipation. It is demonstrated that amla juice can manage the bowel system and treat the constipation very well.

28. Treat the Diuretic

As it is mentioned above that amla juice can reduce the risk of urinary system problem. It is the same thing happens in here. Amla juice is rich in nutrients and can treat the urinary problem such as Diuretic. Some studies have been analyzed that amla can be very powerful to treat the diuretic if it is mixed with honey and it is known as remedy for urinary problem such as diuretic.

29. Keep the Oral Healthy

Since the ancients time, amla has been known as the effective way to treat the oral problem. It keeps the oral healthy and amla juice also can be used as the medicine to relief the toothache. It is also good to make a good smell of breath and also make the teeth stronger.

30. Treat the Respiratory Problem

Like other diseases, respiratory may cause serious problem. For those who has a problem with respiratory system, amla juice will be the best way to heal. Since it has anti-inflammatory of the lungs, make amla juice can heal this problem especially when it is mixed with honey.

31. Keep the Hair Healthy

Another benefit of amla juice must be a good news for women mostly. The high nutrients of amla juice make this superfood contributing in hair growth and also keep the hair healthy. It is known widely that the berries bring essential oil which is very good to strengthen hair. It is also contained in gooseberry or amla. Amla contains hair tonic in which can make the hair healthy and pigmentation.

32. Reduce the Dandruff and Premature Graying

The hair problem such as dandruff and premature graying have been occured since very long time ago and the effective way is amla juice. Consuming amla juice have been proved as the good way to start reducing dandruff and hair graying. Its vitamin C and antioxidants can do so properly. Besides it will also make the hair stronger and dark eve smooth.

33. Keep the Skin Healthy

Amla juice has been analyzed that contains many kind of nutrients in which they are contributing in healthy skin such as vitamin C and also antioxidants. Consuming amla juice can lighten the skin and also glow it naturally. It will be more powerful if it is mixed with honey. Besides the amla juice can make flawless skin and also prevent skin from pigmentation.

34. Repair the Skin Damage

Amla juice has been the natural treatment for some skin problems including skin damage. Its vitamin C can prevent the damage skin and also make the skin healthy and clean. Besides, amla juice can also reduce and repair the skin cells.

35. Reduce from Acne and Spots

Acne must be everyone’s problem. It is common problem among people. Finding the natural medicine is the best way to reduce it. Amla juice can be the effective way to do so. The nutrients of amla juice can handle the acne, pimples growth and also spots.

Side Effects of Amla Juice

Even though there are so many benefits of amla juice but drinking in disorganized dose will cause many kind of side effects. For example, amla juice has enough amount of vitamin C, if we consume it too much i will cause serious illness such as diarrhea.

While it is stated that amla juice is not really good for diabetics since it may increase sugar level in blood which can effect the serious case for diabetics patients. Besides it can lead to allergic for some people and it is also not for pregnant women and also infant. So before consuming it, it will be better if you consult to the doctor.