Incredible Benefits of Using Betnovate N on Face

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Betnovate is a famous skinproduct. It offers wide variation of skin treatment in the form of ointment,cream, and lotion. It also comes in many selections which match you need oryour skin problem. one of the betnovate products is Betnovate N. Betnovate Ncream is very famous in some countries, especially India for its benefits ofusing Betnovate N on face. In india, Betnovate N is used to deal with skinproblem such as redness, eczema, itching, irritation, infections, open wound,itching, and even eye irritation.  

As mentioned before, Betnovate Ncomes in some variants, such as ointment, cream, and lotion. Betnovate cream issuitable for light use on moist and weeping area of skin. the ointment is moresuitable for dry and scaly area of skin. Meanwhile, the lotion is aimed forhairy area of skin, or when it is needed to apply to large area of skin. Regardsto the wide use of Betnovate N cream, this article would like to focus only onthe benefits of using Betnovate N on face. It will also highlight on the composition,precaution, and usage recommendations.

Composition of Betnovate N

Betnovate N cream, ointment, and lotion contain active ingredient which is betamethasone valerate 0.1%. Betamethasone valerate is a type of medicine which functions as steroid. This type of medicine is also called topical corticosteroid. This way, this cream is able to deal with inflammation on skin just by lightly apply the cream onto the inflamed skin.

Because skin inflammation may be initiated by many things including allergy, irritation, and infection, betnovate can deal with all those skin problems. In a bse betnovate, it contains preservative called chlorocresol. It also has cetomacrogol 1000, white soft paraffin, and liquid paraffin.

In case of Betnovate N, this cream has Neomycin Topical as the addition to the betamethasone valerate. This way makes Betnovate N can give us the benefits of using Betnovate N on face. The benefits of using Betnovate N on face

case of Betnovate N, this cream has Neomycin Topical as the addition to the betamethasone valerate. This way makes Betnovate N can give us the benefits of using Betnovate N on face. The benefits of using Betnovate N on face

 The Benefits of Using Betnovate N on Face

It is said that Betnovate Nshould not be used on face. It is because face skin easily thins. However, youcan actually apply it on face in some situations. For instance, you use itbased on doctor prescription. Or else, you can apply Betnovate N on face for nomore than three times a week or every other day. this way, you can get the benefitsif using Betnovate N on face as follow:

1. Relieve acne

Acne is a condition when you get red pimple on face. The redness is usually due to inflamed sebaceous glands. The cause of acne might be hormonal, the consumed food, or may be just in term of skin cleanliness. Whatever the cause of acne, the redness and the pain is so uncomfortable.

Thus, people do many things to prevent or quickly get rid of acne from traditional to the modern way. The traditional way to treat acne is by taking benefits of aloevera gel for acne or benefits of rosewater for acne. Or else, the most effective way is by applying modern topical treatment just like pharmaceutical cream or ointment.

In this case, Betnovate N can give a hand in dealing with acne. The ability of Betnovate N in soothing inflammation can boost the recovery of acne.

2. Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis, which is characterized by red scaly patches, is very annoying, especially when it is on face. Not only suffering from the severe itching, psoriasis on face will definitely affect your performance. You cannot comfortably apply our makeup.  

There are some ways in treating psoriasis, such as taking benefits of CBD oil for psoriasis. Or else, you can also employ Betnovate N, which is powerful to deal with itchiness and recover your skin condition.

3. Treat Eczema

The other skin problem which may appear on face is eczema. It is the condition which you can find rough patches on your skin, along with itching and sometimes bleeding. In this case, you can apply Betnovate N to help you treat eczema.

Make sure you only apply it on the inflamed area to focus on the treatment and prevent thinning on the uninfected area. For the other alternative in treating eczema, you can also get the benefits of neem tree leaves for eczema.

4. Cure Allergic contact dermatitis

There are many things that causeallergy. But the most common symptom of allergy is itching caused by therelease of inflammatory substances which make blood vessel widen and emergedredness. The betamethasone in Betnovate N helps you to stop the release ofinflammatory substances and reduce the allergic reaction.

5. Insect bite

When we are doing outdoor activity and don’t properly cover our face, we had unintentionally contact with insect. And sometimes, it causes some problem such as redness, pain, and itching on face.

In this case, Betnovate N can offer instant help due to the skin problem. It will soothe the inflammation and relieve the pain or itching in a short time, compared to the application of traditional oil. But make sure that you stop the application once the symptom is relieved.

6. Ease DLE

DLE or discoid lupus erythematous is the symptom appears in people with lupus. As we know, people with lupus have hypersensitivity to sunlight. And when they exposed to sunlight, this is what happened. They might get sores with inflammation and scarring on face and the other surface such as ears and scalp.

In this case, Betnovate N is often prescribed by doctor to ease DLE. The cream work very well in reducing the redness and thinning the scaly patch. Although betnovate doesn’t cure DLE, it helps to ease the symptoms.

Precaution in Using Betnovate N onFace

It is important to get doctor advice before you use Betnovate N on face, as the usage will be strongly linked to your condition. it is also not recommended for pregnancy and long term usage. Besides, you should consider the following points:

  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Do not use bandage on the treated skin area to enable circulation.
  • Wash your hands before and after applying the cream, ointment, or lotion. Clean and dry the skin area before applying.
  • During the application of Betnovate N Skin Cream on face, avoid the use of other products on the treated area unless directed by your doctor.
  • Applying an excessive amount may result pilling on face skin. it is recommended to use a thinner layer or lesser quantity of medicine to avoid pilling

That’s all the benefits of using BetnovateN on face along with the precaution and recommendation in applying the cream,lotion, or ointment to get the effective result.