29 Danger Risks of Using Anabolic Steroids For Health & Beauty

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Anabolic steroids are often abbreviated with steroids, is a synthetic material of the hormone testosterone. It is usually used by doctors as a replacement therapy in certain diseases with the less of testosterone production or hormonal imbalance in the human body. The use of steroids has two main effects. Two main effects of these hormones, among others, the effects of anabolic and androgenic effects.

  • The effects of anabolic among others is the increase protein synthesis and muscle mass growth, has anti-catabolic (stop the destruction of tissue / especially protein-muscle), to stimulate the input of calcium into the muscle and stimulation of bone growth, increasing the strength of muscle contraction, increasing the formation red blood cells, decrease body fat percentage and muscle building with low fat content.
  • The effects of androgenic on the human body is often known as the masculine effects, including the development of male sexual characteristics (size genitals, prostate growth, sperm production, hair growth in certain places, and a deep voice) and psychological changes a man.

Effects of rapid muscle growth and dry, Anabolic steroids become one of the very common supplements used by bodybuilders and gym people who crave the ideal body in a relatively quick time. Unfortunately, Today many abused by some people both sportsmen and non-sportsmen. Athletes often use steroids to increase strength by increasing muscle mass, as well as to prevent overtraining or can speed recovery time, so that they can train harder and longer.

It should be remembered that the use of steroids to increase muscle mass is dangerous and illegal because it was considered as doping. The study found a lot of side effects is caused of steroid use. In fact, there are some side effects when there is no longer curable. Even more tragic is one of the causes of steroid users died at a young age. Please read more following risk below:

Risk of Using Anabolic Steroids to our body

The main risks of the use of Anabolic steroids among other are reproductive disorders and hormone-genitals, liver disorders, heart disorders, and blood vessels, and changes in behavior.

  1. Easy to injury with a long convalescence

Steroid users are very susceptible to tissue injury and healing longer. Although known steroids can strengthen muscles, but steroids can not strengthen the tendons and ligaments. Tendons are the connective of that link from the muscles to bones, while ligaments are the connective tissue that binds bone to bone. It is why the steroid user is an injury. Muscle strength imbalance occurs with tendons and ligaments. Even on heavy weight training can cause bone injuries.

  1. hormone production decreases

In general, side effects of anabolic steroids users is declining hormone production. Anabolic steroids are substances which means it will imply a hormone the body’s endocrine system to reduce the production of hormones, and even stop the production of hormones, because the body tries to balance hormone levels via homeostatic processes.

  1. Reproductive Disorders

One of the side effects seen very rapid by almost all users of Anabolic steroids is causes genital disorders. Under normal circumstances, is produced by the Leydig cells of androgens (male sex cells in the testes) are stimulated from a pituitary gland hormone (pituitary gland) and hormones from the hypothalamus (part of the brain). Their provision of external androgen causes the human body to feel androgen levels in the blood is high enough so that automatically try to reduce the production of androgens from the inside by reducing the stimulus to male sex cells. As a result, male sex cells that are stimulated not become smaller, and the production function decreases.

  1. Effect on Cholesterol

Steroids can lower HDL cholesterol and raise LDL cholesterol. Cholesterol is a blood fat profile. HDL protects arteries by channeling unused cholesterol to the liver for destruction. Depending on the type steroids, increases and decreases in HDL and LDL levels vary.

  1. The decline in sexual desire

If Anabolic steroids supplement is stopped, the levels of testosterone become insufficient for the production of the human body itself has been reduced as a result of the adaptation. Effects most frequently arise, such as lack of desire and sexual function (can not erect and quality-quantity of sperm decreases), the risk of prostate cancer, and the mood is declining.

  1. Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or feminization in men characterized by the growth of breasts in men. Steroids users can occur due to a surge in estrogen via aromatization process, whereby androgens like testosterone is converted into estrogen. Excess estrogen is then joined to the existing cell receptor male nipples which resulted in the accumulation of excess fat in the breasts of men, giving the impression of a woman’s chest.

  1. Liver Disorders

Liver disorders is diverse, from the damage is minimal until icterus, liver cancer and liver diseases are rare. Results of research on the damage and liver disorders more common in the use of AAS in the oral dosage forms compared with the injection method.

  1. Heart-Vascular Disorders

This steroid supplements can also cause disorders of the heart and blood vessels, namely through increased content of cholesterol-LDL and enlargement of the heart muscle. Increased levels of LDL-cholesterol in the blood causes the risk of blockage of the coronary arteries that eventually brought on a heart attack sufferers. heart failure and sudden death is a consequence of an enlarged heart due to consumption of these supplements.

  1. Enlarged Prostate

In many cases, an enlarged prostate stopped as the cessation of the use of steroids. Initial period of prostate growth occurs during puberty as a result of the secretion of androgens in the testes. Usually the drugs such as finasteride or dutesteride used to overcome this problems, with very satisfactory level.

  1. High blood pressure

This is the side effects most easily cured by the use of steroids. It is customary for bodybuilders who are in the program to avoid bulking character of aerobic exercise. As a result, the heart has to work extra hard to pump blood into our body.

  1. Kidney

Kidney is the most receive sap organ when taking steroids. Kidneys are involved in the filter system and the secretion of the body as a whole. When foreign chemical substances enter the body, the kidneys automatically work extra hard. Some users of steroids are known to have dark urine, an indication of the kidneys work overtime to process the incoming steroids.

12.Sistem immune

Plenty of evidence shows that steroids can lower immunity. Again, this is depends on the type and dose of steroids. On the contrary, there is evidence that some specific steroids actually boost the immune system rose. Testosterone and some of its derivatives can lower immunity. The reason for the increase in muscle mass of the body due to steroid used was consistent with the increase in the body’s ability to fight off infections, the body’s ability to survive rising, and rising quality of life overall.

  1. Infertility

Steroids effects of infertility has been through in-depth research and its use has been approved by the WHO (World Heath Organization) as a male contraceptive. Infertility occurs because steroids disrupt hormone ratio in women with regular menstrual. In men, steroids lower the FSH (Follice Stimulating Hormone), so that the normal production of sperm is not reached.

  1. Blood Poisoning

Many steroid users are afraid to go to the needle exchange to obtain supplies of sterile needles in case they are labeled as addicts, often resulting in the use or non-sterile needle sharing, which can cause blood poisoning with a high risk of infection and infectious diseases. Injection site, users can also become swollen and painful and can cause abscesses which can cause painful need for medical intervention

  1. Impotence

Taking steroids will cause the testicles reduce the it’s normal function. When stopping testosterone supplementation takes time for the pituitary gland to signal, the testes begin manufacturing testosterone. In terms of length or high dose testosterone use the testes can actually halt production or can actually atrophy which can cause long delays in the testes for beginning manufacturing testosterone naturally. Impotence occurs after the cessation of steroid and long-term drug use causes a lack of erection

Short-Term Risks of Using anabolic steroids

  1. A large part of those receiving steroids and only experiencing temporary side effects. This may include:
  • changes in mood and behavior,
  • insomnia,
  • increase in appetite,
  • redness of the face, and
  • short-term weight gain due to water retention increases.

These side effects usually improve after a few days after the steroid has been discontinued.

  1. People with underlying medical conditions might also notice other side effects. Those with diabetes mellitus may see an increase in the reading of their blood sugar, people with high blood pressure may see their blood pressure readings rose, people with glaucoma could have increased pressure in their eyes, people with congestive heart failure can hold water and have worsening of this condition, and people with chronic underlying disease should be followed by their physician while taking systemic steroids.

Beauty Risk of Using anabolic steroids

  1. Changes in appearance

In women, the use of AAS cause hirsutism (the emergence of the hairs on the location of the body such as in males), the sound was advancing like men, enlargement of the clitoris, widening the upper body, chest size decreases, menstrual disorders, and baldness. One of the dangerous things that are often found is the Anabolic steroids is back to using these supplements when side effects appear. This is done so that sexual function returned to normal, but this attitude will only trigger a cycle that led to increased severity of a hormonal disorder that occurs.

  1. Acne

Steroids can trigger the growth of acne due to a variety of factors, especially the factor of the type of steroids and doses that used. Sebaceous glands of the skin is very sensitive to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen which is produced naturally by the body of raw materials testosterone by the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase. Increased activity of the gland earlier will increase the amount of liquid oil on the surface of the skin which then reacts with bacteria and dead skin on the surface of the skin, resulting in blockage of skin glands and ends with acne. All this can be prevented by limiting the types of steroids that used, diligently cleaning the skin, or wearing anti-androgen ointment.

  1. Virilization

This term refers to the physical formation of macho style of men in women who steroids users, or  called as maskulinasi. Once again, this effect is temporary. Virilization symptoms include bass voice, growing hair all over its body, enlargement of the clitoris, baldness, acne. It all depends on the type of steroids that are used and the dose. Of all these effects, the most permanent bass sound effect is earlier, due to the enlargement of the vocal cords. To treat it should be with the scraping operation (erosion) of the vocal cords.

  1. Baldness

Steroids can lead to baldness if basically concerned have genetic balding talent. The role of steroids in this baldness is the strong reaction against the exposed scalp DHT. We know a lot of steroids that can be converted to DHT, or even a derivative of DHT (Prohormone). All this can be prevented by taking anti-baldness drugs like finasteride and dutesteride.

  1. Inhibit the growth in height

Some specific types of steroids can inhibit growth in height to those who are still in the age of infancy. But it is only occurs in certain types of steroids. On the contrary, some other types precisely steroid used to treat the condition. This condition occurs due to the closure of cartilage epiphysial prematurely due to aromatization of steroids. It looks at bodybuilders who use steroids since a young age as Lee Priest.

  1. Causes skin reddening

The steroid use can have an effect on the user’s skin by affecting the skin pores and cause roughness in the skin texture. Other skin conditions that are often seen is acne, oily skin with red acne in the face and back. Stretch marks can also appear due to rapid growth of the muscle or skin thinning. As mentioned above steroid side effects affecting the liver and Jaundice, becoming clearer by the yellowing of the skin and eyes

Psychological risks of Using anabolic steroids

  1. Behavioral Canges

AAS users at risk for behavioral changes, such as conditions of mania (a state where power is overwhelming and often accompanied by disturbances could not sleep), depression (sadness excessively, no zest for life, their tendency to suicide), behavior tend to be aggressive (the tendency to attack others, or hurt others), and difficulty in controlling anger.

  1. Roid Rage

The term is associated with increased aggressive behavior that often claimed to be caused by the use of steroids. Practice in the field showed, less than 5% of the population steroids users who experience it. They experienced psychiatric symptoms such as aggressive behavior, familiar with violence, mania, and even psychosis.

  1. Increased anxiety

Research has shown, that between high testosterone levels and aggressive behaviour often regarded as a user who engage in violence. It has been used as a reason for a person’s aggressive behavior. High doses Users also have an effect on psychotic syndrome and high levels of anxiety. Other effects is sleep disturbance, euphoria, the high level of paranoia, the various stages of depression, with some users experiencing extreme mood swings, as well as changes in their personality. A large number of users become dependent on the use of steroids which then can lead to addiction.

Overcoming The Using Anabolic Steroids Risk

Steroids are basically medications that very useful in medicine, but it is not appropriate to use because it can pose health risks and others. To reduce these risks, you can do:

  1. Steroids spending in vital minerals in the body. To reduce the side effects of steroids, you have to replace the minerals that have been spent by the steroid by becoming a permanent consumer foods rich in minerals or.
  2. steroid spent potassium. If you lose potassium in large quantities you will experience what is called hypokalemia. So eat foods that containing high potassium such as sweet potatoes, beans, yogurt, shellfish, bananas and others.
  3. steroid also spend protein and nitrogen. You can improve the nitrogen balance by providing high-quality protein supplements such as fish, milk, soy and powdered infant formula that returns your protein.
  4. Magnesium and calcium are the next element that spent by steroids. When calcium and magnesium is lost you are highly recommended to add nutrients like milk and green vegetables into your diet.

If you really need steroids, consider the time to drink it. Why? You will remember that the body produces steroids naturally. Well, steroids are produced in many sizes when the new man wake up from sleep. If you are taking steroids at this time, it will mimic the pattern of the body, so the brain does not read it as an excess of steroids in the blood. In the end it will not interfere with the body’s adrenal glands work.

But there is indeed no other way to reduce the side effects of steroids. The only way is to reduce the consumption of steroids slowly. Therefore immediately consult your doctor regarding this program. The most important thing is to always keep no inflammation to identify its causes so you don’t need to take steroids again.