Fantastic Health Benefits of Kamias Candy

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Kamias (Averrhoa bilimbi) are quickly gaining reputation in many Asian countries for its health benefits. In many countries, especially the Philippines, where it comes from, the nutritional and health advantages of kamias have become common knowledge. Kamias are related to health benefits of starfruit (bilimbi), however the main difference in between the two is that kamias are much more sour than health benefits African star apple. What are the fantastic health benefits of kamias candy after all?

What are its Health Benefits

  1. Kamias are Rich in Nutrients

First, kamias have a lot of nutrients in every serving of it. Kamias have plentiful presence of vitamin B, vitamin C benefits, fibre, phosphorus and iron. In addition, kamias are also commonly used as an acid agent for cooking.

  1. Kamias Effectively Prevents Diseases

Filipino people are well aware of the health benefits kamias can provide. People in the Philippines in fact make use of the fruit for alternative medication to conditions such as inflammation or fever. It is the vitamin C attribute that gives most to this health benefit of kamias.

  1. Kamias for Digestion

Even though kamias don’t have the highest amount of dietary fibre around, this fruit still contains sufficient enough dietary fibre to add to one’s everyday diet.

  1. Kamias for Bone Health

As we age, our bones and teeth gets less denser and stronger. Kamias are natural sources of benefits of calcium, and in fact it is the most prominent nutrient inside the fruit. In addition, there is also phosphorus inside kamias for supplementing calcium in strengthening the bones and teeth.

  1. Kamias Have Low Calories

Kamias possesses low calories, and this is what makes it very safe for snacking anytime and anywhere. Add to the fact that kamias are also naturally sweet, and yet it helps our digestion a lot.

  1. Kamias is an Antioxidant

The flesh of kamias are “crispy” yet watery, which makes it a source of antioxidant effective for getting rid of free radicals, toxins, while improving immunity. For your information, manganese, iron and phosphorus are its three main types of antioxidants.

  1. Kamias is a Source of Insoluble Fibre

Kamias contain cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin at 60%, 27% and 13% respectively, which are types of insoluble fibres. Consuming kamias at considerable amounts support blood glucose control through glucose absorption, slows glucose diffusion into the blood stream.

  1. Kamias is a Food That Lower Cholesterol Level

In line with the point above, the insoluble fibres lower down overall cholesterol amount, which is done through the removal of cholesterol and lipid through body wastes.

Culinary Uses of Kamias

Kamias have found various culinary uses across several Asian cuisines. In Indonesia for example, kamias could be used as a substitute to tomato or tamarind for some acidic flavour. In Far East and to some extent South Asia, kamias are featured in curries, while in the Philippines, they are used as a souring agent for local everyday dishes like sinigang, or simply eaten raw.

Cautions and Recommendations

It is no doubt that kamias have a reputation of positively contributing to our own health, however there is one thing that you should always watch out. Kamias have high oxalic acid content, which has an extreme risk on chronic kidney failure patients. Chronic kidney failure patients have a high death possibility upon getting intact with oxalic acid. Thus, it is best to consult a medical expert at first place.

That sums up the fantastic health benefits of kamias candy, in which it shares a lot of advantages with kamias fruit itself.