Skin Benefits of Rose Kaolin Clay – 100% Natural and Safe

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We’ve all probably heard the power of clay for skincare. Clay mask has been one of the powerful and high-selling products everyone wonders about. There are actually some types of clay for cosmetic use that are common in beauty industry. Kaolin clay is one of the popular clay that has wide variety of uses. But, what is kaolin clay actually?

Kaolin is a rock that is rich in Kaolinite. Kaolinite is a clay mineral. Pure kaolinite is generally bright white. But often, kaolin has other minerals present that add slight coloration to the clay. Most often it’s a pinkish hue from iron oxide or a greenish color from decomposed plant material. In general, kaolin clay tends to have the better quality if it’s brighter in white.

Kaolin clay is considered safe to consume. The consumption of kaolin help with the digestive system. It doesn’t breakdown and isn’t absorbed into the body, that’s why it’s very useful in issues like ulcers, sores, and swelling by coating the inside of the whole digestive tract. The digestive tract has natural acids and bacteria that can worsen these issues. Kaolin coating is there to help protect the epithelial lining and allow the body space to recover itself. But, keep in mind to consider the dosage. On the flip side, consuming too much kaolin may have side effects like constipation. A long term internal use can make it hard for the body to absorb certain nonessential minerals from our diet due to how well it coats the lining of the digestive system.

Taking kaolin clay externally is what people mostly do to get its wonderful benefits. External uses of kaolin will be much safer and more effective if we know the benefits and how to use it. For ages, people had used kaolin clay for skin through any kind of uses and mix it with many herbs to get more benefits.

Rose Kaolin clay, also known as pink clay, is a mild kaolin clay. This clay has many benefits for skin. What are those? Check these Skin Benefits of Rose Kaolin Clay.

1. Cleanse the skin

The first benefits of rose kaolin clay is to gently cleanse the skin while improving the skin’s circulation. Since kaolin clay is really gentle, it’s suitable for any skin type. Those people with sensitivities skin type don’t have to worry using Kaolin clay as scrubs and masks. It’s so gentle that we can use it as a daily facial cleanser and to replace our chemical beauty products.

To make a rose kaolin clay facial cleanser, you’ll need ¼ cup of kaolin clay, ½ cup of colloidal oatmeal and 7 drops of lavender oil. Put them in a bowl and whisk together. Store in a clean jar in your bathroom cabinet. To use it, place a little on your palm, mix it with water to form a paste. Scrub it on your face for a moment and then rinse off with tepid water.

2. Detoxifies the skin

Not only does it cleanse the skin surface, it also help detoxifies the skin deeply. Detoxification, the activity of detoxifying, is very important for the skin. Is cleansing not enough? Detoxifying works by pulling impurities from the skin pores.

These impurities are the pile of toxins from our unhealthy diet, pollution, little sleep, and the chemicals from our beauty products. Detoxification will leave our skin clean inside, making it healthy and clean. Detoxifying skin will also prevent the pores from clogging up and causing breakouts.  This detoxification effect doesn’t cause redness.

3. Exfoliate

One of the best exfoliator can be found in the Health Benefits of Korean Body Scrub. But, we can also get a great scrub with rose kaolin clay. Since rose kaolin clay doesn’t completely dissolve in water, it makes a really nice paste. The crystals in the clay make a really great exfoliator.

Exfoliation is really important to peel off the dead skin cells so that the active ingredients of our skincare can penetrate to the skin and work effectively. Dead skin cells also will make our skin dull and rough since they’re dry and flaky. 

4. Control oil on oily skin

Kaolin clay is a fine and light clay. It has natural absorbency properties so it absorbs excess oils and it can help balance the oil production after the regular use. To apply rose kaolin clay mask on skin, mix with a little warm water. It will soak up excess oils and stale sebum deep within the pores.

5. Treat acne

Having tried many ways to Prevent Acne and Pimples Naturally but they still show up? Well, you should’ve heard earlier that rose kaolin clay is helpful for treating red blotchy painful and pus filled acne. Simply mix 1 tsp of kaolin clay, 2 tsp of pure aloe vera gel and 2 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl.

With a cosmetic brush, apply the mixture gently all over your face. Let it sit for 7 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Finally, splash your face with cold water and pat until dry. This way, we have found another option of How to Get Rid of Acne.

6. Stimulate

Another skin benefit you can get from rose kaolin clay is that it helps stimulate your skin. For a long term use, kaolin is stimulating to the skin and offer a toned and tightened appearance.

7. Make a great soap

Many things we get from Benefits of Soap with Glycerin actually belong to natural soap. Instead of using it directly as scrub or mask, rose kaolin is also good in natural soaps. It will add silkiness, slip and absorbency to soaps. Natural soaps with rose kaolin clay are great cause they use no chemicals and have a proper amount of natural rose kaolin clay so we will get the benefits optimally. The active ingredients of natural soaps can be seen on the Benefits of Lard and Lye Soap.

8. Treat scalp

Not only for body and facial skin, rose kaolin is also helpful for scalp. Its capability to suck up the impurities works great for scalp too. You’ll need 3 tbsp of kaolin clay, one capful of organic apple cider vinegar and 7 drops oflavender oil.

Mix them in a bowl and then slowly add in rose water while stirring to form a lump-free paste. Rub this paste onto your dry scalp and hair. Leave it for 2 minutes then rinse off with tepid water. Continue with cold water to seal hair cuticles.

So, those are Skin Benefits of Rose Kaolin Clay that you need to know. It’s 100% natural, safe, inexpensive, and suitable for any skin types and ages.