21 Real Benefits of Brown Rice For Health – Weight Loss – Diabetes

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Benefits of Brown Rice for losing weight is the most popular in the world, there are many people eat this for thier diet program. We all know brown rice as a healthy menu for weight loss and diabetes. The calorie content in brown rice is lower when compared to white rice is good for diet and people with diabetic. Even the carbohydrate is lower than white rice, the value of the energy produced by the Brown Rice was higher than the white one.

As a staple food that contains carbohydrates, it turns brown rice consumed by many people. But, most of them is not aware of the benefits of brown rice. Today, people just know that the benefits of brown rice is for a diabetes menu or diet, but not used as a food daily.

Brown rice well known by public as red rice. Known as white rice, white rice. Besides the two rice, if we classified it based on its color, there are also black rice. And classified based on the model of nursing for planting, there are organic rice and innorganik.

Most people found the taste of Brown rice is not as good as the white one. Brown rice prices in the market were also higher compared to the white rice. It may be several reasons why people do not consume brown rice.

In fact, the higher price and the taste is not as good as white rice same with the values contained in brown rice. The nutritional value contained in brown rice is good for the body. So, Here is 9 main benefits of Brown rice:

1. Lose Weight

Many people felt the efficacy of brown rice to reduce weight. This is due to the low calorie content of brown rice would be very effective to help prevent a distended stomach or excess calories.

So, how brown rice do? We know that brown rice content carbohydrates, that will regularly supply energy to the body so that the stomach does not feel hungry quickly. If you consume too with the added benefits of apples on your diet. Your diet will produce a maxcimal diet or beautiful body shape and very effective.

The benefits of brown rice to a diet as a substitute for the benefits of white rice, can help you lose weight. Brown rice contains 110 calories per serving and two grams each of protein and fiber. Brown rice is a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B-6, thiamine, and niacin and also provide iron and zinc.

Why squeeze rice to the diet? Brown rice has characteristics that make it useful for weight loss. The content Glikemiks low on Brown rice is very good for people who is at diet program because it controls the body’s absorption of calories first. For people who do diet program more better choose the food that contain fiber.

Fiber is found in brown rice from the skin as brown rice. Brown rice does not undergo a process of milling and flaking so different from the ordinary white rice that other nutrients also disappear for milling

2. Control your blood sugar to avoid diabetes and diabetics

Research shows that consumption of at least five servings of white rice a week resulting in an increased risk of diabetes type 2 attack. In contrast, the risk can be reduced by replacing your rice with brown rice. Brown rice consumption as much as two or more servings a week can lower the risk of diabetes type 2. In addition, a third substitution serving of white rice with brown rice can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by 16%.

Brown rice is good for diabetics because it has a lower glycemic index than white rice. This is because the high fiber content. Regular rice experienced a grinding process which caused a huge loss of fiber as well as vitamins and minerals.

In fact, fiber can slow the entry of glucose into the blood. Because of the high fiber content of brown rice that does not increase blood sugar. Apart from excelling in fiber, brown rice also contain vitamins and minerals that are higher than white rice. For example, the brown rice is rich in vitamin B, magnesium, and iron that the body needs.

The results of research showed that brown rice given to mice that store glucose in large quantities and in mice and other normal blood glucose levels.

The results claim that oral administration in the form of red yeast rice in mice dealing with diabetes brought changes to decrease the amount of blood glucose. Although this study makes mice as ‘rabbit experiments’, on the first point of this article may provide an alternative explanation.

Brown rice is high in fiber that is able to slow the entry of glucose into the blood. By doing so, then you don’t need to worry that you will have diabetes even brown rice also contains complex carbohydrates. In fact, we are advised to replace the usual rice with two or more servings of brown rice a week to reduce the risk of Diabetes type 2. Besides it, brown rice also contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that can prevent the complications of diabetes.

3. Benefits and efficacy of brown rice as controlling cholesterol

Bad cholesterol in the body proved to be capable of causing dangerous diseases. To overcome this, you can prevent it by eating brown rice. You can eat brown rice or foods made from brown rice. If you regularly consume, you will reduce the risk of contracting various types of malignancies. Therefore, make brown rice as the main menu is very useful for us.

For those who have been exposed to cholesterol, soluble fiber in brown rice helps lower the bad cholesterol in the blood. Thus, in some studies, for those who have high cholesterol, it is recommended to replace white rice form the brown rice. It also aims to avoid other diseases such as diabetes and impotence as a result of bad cholesterol in the body.

Fermented brown rice via solid-phase fermentation methods, brown rice fermented or more commonly known as red yeast rice has been widely reported as a product that has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. The ability to lower cholesterol or hypocholesterolemic effect. Monacolin K that are similar to lovastatin works as hypocholesterolemic agents with the same mechanism as the compounds of statins.

4. Preventing the occurrence of gallstones

In various studies, high-fiber foods is closely associated with the prevention of gallstones. Highly digestible fiber that helps in issolving leftovers to help establish a healthy bile.

The advantage of brown rice that has anthocyanin compounds that are antioxidants, antihypertensives, anti-cholesterol, antihyperglycemic. In fact it can neutralize the bad fats in the body. In view of the causes of gallstones are cholesterol buildup, the brown rice is suitable consumption by  patient gallstones as a substitute for the usual white rice we eat.

Bile is a liquid that plays a role in the digestion of fats. If this liquid hardens, it will form gallstones.Major cause of gallstones may be due to an imbalance between cholesterol and chemicals in bile. Flaky crystals formed will develop into stones and usually within years.

Hoarding chemical compound that is normally present in the gallbladder when they form are cholesterol and bilirubin (waste from the destruction of red blood cells). Nearly 80 percent of gallstones made of cholesterol and about 20 percent based bilirubin. Bilirubin is a pigment found in bile.Sumber antioksidan.

5. The source of antioxidants

Brown rice is a very good source for antioxidants. Vitamins and minerals contained in it can help remove free radicals in the body.

Brown rice is known for having a red pigment that contains antioxidant compounds that are believed good for health. Red pigment found in brown rice capable of being a natural antioxidant that prevents the arrival of various diseases.

Based on the research that has been there, the antioxidants in brown rice can be categorized into six groups: phenolic acids, flavonoids, proantosianidins and antosianins, vitamin E, orizanol and fitik acid. Among the six groups, compared with other cereal like as wheat, corn, barley, oats, sorghum, rye, and millet), brown rice had higher levels of orizanol and antosianins higher. Furthermore, in the group antosianins usually cyanidin-3-O-glucoside found the highest levels in brown rice / black followed peonidin-3-O-glucoside.

In contrast to white rice, brown rice is usually marketed in the form of brown rice or polished rice in part to maintain the red pigments that are in the skin layer (bran). Brown rice is usually processed into brown rice porridge for complementary foods (solids). In addition, brown rice can also be a powdered brown rice flour as a raw material for making pastries as appropriate wet or dry white rice flour.

6. Prevent Heart Disease

Mentioned in the whole previous point that the health benefits of brown rice for one of them can lower the amount of cholesterol. Of the decrease in the number of cholesterol the body in turn brought a barrage of good effects on other organs, like the heart.

With decreasing the amount of cholesterol, especially LDL (low-density lipoprotein) in the blood can minimize the formation of plaque in artery walls that at a later stage will narrow the size of the artery and be a blocker which eventually leads to heart attack. Thus, by decreasing total cholesterol may reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

This benefit has been proved by the results of a study conducted by David Becker and Ram Gordon, two cardiologists from Chestnut Hill Hospital in 2009. They brought reports that LDL cholesterol levels were reduced in patients who received brown rice is higher than other patients who received action placebo (treatment had no impact or a fake treatment with the aim of controlling the effect of hope or substances / drugs  not active that looked at and given to patients in the same way as the active drug or treatment being tested).

7. Good for the digestive system

Well, you need to know if the amount of fiber in brown rice six times higher than white rice. It is conceivable not how many. The fiber itself is a substance that brings many benefit for digestive health. So, by eating brown rice more often, you will awake gastrointestinal health. In fact, fiber can also carry other functions to control blood sugar, reduce the risk of cancer and hemorrhoids, and drive the crowd gathered in the cholesterol in your body.

8. Can Help Asthma Sufferers

Are you one of asthmatics? Brown rice becomes a tremendous source of magnesium, a mineral that can help regulate breathing patterns of normal humans. By regularly eating brown rice, you’re, who struggling against asthma will reap the most benefit from it. Before that, seek advice from your doctor first if you are allowed to eat brown rice or not.

9. Can also Improve Bone Health

Still discussing magnesium in brown rice as mentioned earlier. Magnesium is an ideal nutrients to support your bone health. With insufficient magnesium, the bone structure is still built and conditions are healthier and stronger. While magnesium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis and lower bone density in later life. Regularly eat brown rice was not only to improve bone health, but avoid and relieve joint problems.

Comparative Benefits of Brown Rice vs White Rice According to Some Research

Unlike the rare brown rice we consume-or even some people never consume brown rice-white rice we consume contently regular that not as good as brown rice.

In general every 1.5 mug / serving of cooked brown rice contains less than 110 calories. Presentation nutrition of brown rice is formed percentages:

  • Carbohydrates – 85% (8% comes from protein and 7% fat)
  • Fiber – 7% (of fiber needed for a 2,000 calorie diet)
  • Vitamin B – (A small amount of thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate and niacin). Benefits of vitamin B tend to work hand in hand to draw energy from food in the meal, but it supports the processes of the brain and blood cell formation.
  • Magnesium, phosphorus and calcium
  • Potassium – for fluid balance and cardiovascular function

Brown rice as a staple food which turned out to have a little forgotten the content of which is very unusual, which implies turned out in excess of the usual white rice we consume. And research shows that brown rice contains protein, unsaturated fatty acids, beta-sterol, camsterol, stigma sterol, isovlavones, sapoin, Zn, Fe, lovastin, and mevinolin-HMG-CoA. The content of brown rice is very beneficial for our body. Brown rice contains nutrients that are very important for the body, in the epidermis is rich in fiber and natural oils. Fiber not only filling, but also prevent a variety of gastrointestinal diseases.

Fiber Benefits

  1. Brain Development
  2. Lower Blood Cholesterol
  3. Prevent heart diseases
  4. Skin Health
  5. Prevent Colorectal Polyps
  6. Prevent Hemorrhoids
  7. Helps bowel movements
  8. Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  9. Lowers Cancer Risk

Another benefit of fiber, which can improve brain development and lower blood cholesterol. While the fat in the epidermis is the most essential fats, which are needed for brain development in children. The brown rice was superior in terms of vitamins and minerals than white rice.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Benefits

  1. Prevent Beriberi in infants
  2. Improve nerve function
  3. Help convert glucose into energy

Brown rice contains thiamine (vitamin B1), which is needed to prevent beriberi in infants. Iron is also higher, helping babies aged six months and above iron intake of breast milk is no longer enough to meet the needs of the body. Not to mention vitamins and other essential minerals. With the advantages as described above be great if our families begin to consume brown rice.

Even we know that the brown rice carbohydrate content was lower than the white one, (78.9 g: 75.7 g), but the results of the analysis of Nio in 1992 showed the value of the energy produced at the top of brown rice instead of white rice (349 cal: 353 cal), Besides being rich in protein (6.8 g: 8.2 g), it may be because the content tiaminnya higher (0.12 mg: 0.31 mg).

This enzyme acts as a catalyst to cure peroxide in toxic bonds can be turned into free radicals, which can oxidize unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane so that the membrane damage. This damage causes cancer, and other degenerative diseases. That is why many experts say selenium has the potential to prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Metal content in the body is necessary for metabolic processes, such as Mn, Mg, Se, Co, and others, if the mineral content in the body is less able to cause anemia (lack of blood) and also can lead to osteoporosis, but if it implies a very high fear it would interfere our vitals organs. Beside poisoning, metal deficiency can lead to mineral deficiency diseases. It happens, especially by the lack of essential metal metal both macro and micro in the body.

It is shown that brown rice contains more useful and needed by the body when compared to white rice. Although there is black rice founded, Brown rice exceeds its content. So, guys.. that’s all about brown rice that I could tell you. At least, the choice is yours. You have to decide what do you want to consume. And you have to thinking about your food’s benefits before eating some foods. In the end all of us is just willing to keep our healthy. Choose wisely.