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9 Delicious Health Benefits of Feijoada

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Anyone living in America Latin must had heard about the health benefits of Feijoada. This awesome dish is actually a mixture between beans with meat. Most of the dish using pork meat as the ingredients, but some prefer to choose beef meat too. Therefore, this dish bring an authentic taste with a great benefit. Of course many of the people will query about the true benefit of this dish. Even though most of them will feeling sure on the meat and beans benefits. Well, to answer this question, below explanation will help to explain better.

Feijoada Recipe

Before going through the benefits, it is better to understand first on how to make this recipe. As one of the beneficial food for the health, it will be good to have the recipe instruction for information.


black beans
olive oil
pork meat
Italian or other spicy sausage
Smoked sausage
Black pepper
Hot sauce

Cooking Instruction

  • Prepare the beans and let it soak for overnight.
  • Heat olive oil and pork or beef meet together until it crispy.
  • Add onions and garlic to bring some flavor on the dish. Add also smoked sausage and cook them together.
  • Put them together on a pot and add the beans. Boil it together with small heat for 2 hours.
  • Add some seasoning such as salt and pepper, add some hot sauce such as Tobacco.
  • Turn off the heat and serve it in a plate. It can be served with rice and orange slices.

Health Benefits of Feijoada

For those who feels wonders whether the fruit can bring many benefits, check out below points to make you sure on its advantages.

1. High Protein

Beans and meat inside the dish contains high level of protein. Therefore, consume the dish will add some protein in the body system. This is why this dish is good for supply any protein. The same health benefits of veal meat that rich in protein level too.

2. Improve Brain

Protein will work to improve the brain cell and neuron. This is why consume protein everyday will help to manage a better mind and thinking. This will be good for the children, since it will lead to a better memory during their development process or grow.

3. Relieve Muscle

Protein also good to relieve any muscle pain. It will work to bring fasten recovery for any muscle injury. Therefore, this dish is suitable for athlete that has possibility of any muscle injury. The same benefits of cabbage for muscle bodybuilding that works to relieve the muscle too.

4. Smooth Enzyme and Hormones

Another health benefits of Feijoada is to smooth the enzyme and hormones. It will work to optimize the hormones system and manage a better body system at the end.

5. Cell Regeneration

Consume the dish will also work to improve the cell regeneration. Since another benefit of consume protein will manage a better cell growing. The same health benefits of porcupine meat that works to improve the cell too.

6. Body Shaping

A high protein level will be good to provide lean muscle and manage to shape the body. This is why the dish is suitable for those who want a good body shape.

7. Avoid Fat

It is a good news that consume Feijoada that rich in meat will manage to avoid fat content in the body. Thanks for the protein level who successfully eliminate fat and replace with lean muscle. The same health benefits of coleslaw salad that works in the same way too.

8. Avoid Dementia

One of the benefit for the elderly who frequently consume the food is manage to avoid dementia. The way it works to improve the neuron cell will help the memory stay remain and even improve the brain capacity too.

9. Support Health Bone

Not only good for the muscle, but apparently the dish also good to support a healthy bone condition and manage to avoid osteoporosis risk. The same benefits of turmeric for bones that fight osteoporosis too.

Recommendation of Feijoada

Even you can get many benefits from eating the dish, it is still suggested to take some attention on below lists of recommendation:

  • For those who has cholesterol problems might need to reduce the quantity of their daily Feijoada consumption. As the pork and beef meat may increase the cholesterol level and lead to the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • In case feeling any itchiness or rash, it is better to stop consume the food. It might because your body is allergy to some of the ingredients inside the dish.
  • It is better to choice pork and beef meet without high fat content to avoid unwanted diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

Those all some health benefits of Feijoada, an authentic food that also known as Brazilian soul food. Not only rich in flavors, apparently it also rich in benefit too. Mainly for adding enough protein level for the body. However, for certain people this dish might lead to other serious illness problems related to the cardiovascular. Therefore, stay carefully consume the dish and make sure it is not over consume.