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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic for Skin Treatments

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Garlic is known as one of the most common spices used by people in cooking because garlic is able to give a distinctive taste for the cuisine. The strong aroma of garlic can give an additional and distinctive fragrance to the food, even though some people don’t like the aroma of garlic.

But, you should know that garlic is not only used as the spices of many cuisines but health benefits of eating fresh garlic are also beneficial for our health. Moreover, garlic can be used as skin treatment because garlic contains many nutrients that skin needs. As for the nutritional value contained by garlic is listed as follows;

  • Number of Garlic Energy Content = 95 kcal
  • Total Protein content Garlic = 4.5 gr
  • The amount of Garlic Fat Content = 0.2 gr
  • Total Carbohydrate content Garlic = 23.1 gr
  • Total Calcium Garlic Content = 42 mg
  • Number of Phosphorus Content of Garlic = 134 mg
  • The amount of Iron Ingredients Garlic = 1 mg
  • Amount of Vitamin A Garlic = 0 IU
  • Number of Vitamin B1 Garlic Content = 0.22 mg
  • The amount of Vitamin C content Garlic = 15 mg
  • Garlic contains atsiri oil that functions as anti-bacteria or antiseptic.
  • Garlic contains allicin and alliin
  • Garlic also contains antioxidant that is able to against the free radicals.

There are several benefits of garlic that you can feel on your skin treatment. Garlic is able to solve some skin problems such as:

  1. Overcoming Acne

Acne is one of the skin problems that is used to appear on the face. Most of the people, especially women must be annoyed when they have acne on their face because the acne is not only hurt when touched but the acne on the face is also very disturbing. The acne will make us less confident because acne will ruin our beauty and reduce our appearance. In addition, acne also causes black marks on the face and these marks are hard to remove. Therefore, many women who have acne will try to find some way in order to remove their acne on their face.

Hence, garlic may be a solution to reduce acne on the face. Besides it is easy to find, garlic is also cheaper than acne medicine. Garlic has anti-bacterial content that is believed to overcome the problem of acne. How to get rid of acne with garlic is just by smoothing the garlic and smear it on acne at least 10 minutes. Then the acne will be deflated. In order to get best results, it can be done regularly for removing acne completely and prevent acne pimples naturally.

Not only act as acne medicine, garlic can also remove acne scars that are very disturbing your appearance. The content of anti-inflammatory in garlic can effectively remove acne scars that ruin your beauty.

2. Eliminating blackheads

In addition to acne, blackheads also become one of the problems on facial skin. To remove blackheads that are also disturbing as acne, garlic can also be a solution. If we use this garlic along with olive oil and honey, then we can lift the dead skin cells better so we can be free from blackhead problems.

You only need to smooth the garlic and smear it on the part of the face that have blackheads regularly. Then, the blackheads will disappear so that you can maintain your beautiful skin and absolutely increase your confidence. Health benefits of brine water are also able to remove your disturbing blackheads. 

3. Overcoming Premature Aging

Health benefits of garlic for skin is able to overcome the premature aging. As known that the premature aging is caused by the free radicals that we get from the pollution around us. The content of allicin in pure garlic can increase antioxidant so it can against free radicals that can cause skin damage.

Allicin is assisted by sulfur in garlic that keeps skin elasticity. In addition, garlic also contains sulfur that serves to smooth the blood flow, so the skin looks glowing. Hence, the face looks younger and healthier. Besides garlic, you also can utilize health benefits leech oil to prevent premature aging.

4. Overcoming Skin Problems that are Caused by Mushrooms and Bacteria

The development of skin problems caused by bacteria and fungi such as ringworm is very disturbing.  Skin problems caused by the development of bacteria and fungi can be overcome with garlic because garlic contains a very high antioxidant. Health benefits of jojoba oil for skin are also able to fight the bacteria and fungi which cause the skin problem.

5. Moisturize the Skin

Besides moisturizing the skin by the benefits using body lotion everyday, you may also want to try garlic. Components of organosulfur substances called allicin contained in garlic are able to smooth your facial skin and make the texture of the skin becomes soft. In addition, garlic can also remove stretch-marks on the face that are difficult to remove.

How to use, mash the garlic until it becomes a paste, then mix it to your face mask. Apply on face, wait for a few moments, and rinse with clean water, then wash with towel use by gently pat. 

6. Reduce Scars and Moles

If you have a scar on your face, whether because of an accident or because of acne, you should not be confused. You can eliminate it with garlic. Garlic has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can remove scars on your face. In addition, garlic can also remove moles attached to the skin.

How to use it, you can apply directly pieces of garlic to the skin of the wounded face and that has dried up. Do it this way over and over every day. Slowly your scar or mole will disappear. Health benefits of water spinach are also beneficial to remove the scars on the skin.

Although garlic has very useful benefits for skin problems. But, garlic also may cause the sides effect for skin, especially when you have a sensitive skin. So, if you want to use garlic as the skin treatment, you need to use garlic properly and sufficiently. As for the side effects which may be caused by the using of garlic as the skin treatment are:

  • Irritation
  • Allergy
  • Leave a black spot on the face.
  • Cause inflammation of the acne.

Well, that’s all about health benefits of garlic for skin that you can get. I hope this article will be beneficial for you. Good luck!