18 Health Benefits of Ampalaya Leaves (No.3 Is Best)

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Ampalaya is a fruit that commonly known as bitter melon or it is called pare in Indonesian. As its name, this fruit is quite bitter; however it has a lot of health benefits. Not only its fruit but also its leaves recently used as a natural medicine. Ampalaya leaves benefits can be explained as follow:

  1. Help to treat diabetes

In the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Ampalaya leave extracts showed the capability to reduce fasting blood glucose in diabetes because it has polypeptide-P, insulin like substance. This is the great health benefits of Ampalaya leaves especially for treating type-2 diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes).

  1. Help to treat hemorrhoid.

Ampalaya leaves to treat hemorrhoid come from their astringent properties. These properties can shrink the tissues as well as hemorrhoid. To get this benefit, you can apply the mashed Ampalaya leaves to the hemorrhoid area.

  1. Help to treat eczema, psoriasis, and skin rashes.

The topical astringents in Ampalaya leave have an effect of reducing inflammation in skin disorder like eczema, psoriasis, and skin rashes. You can apply the mashed Ampalaya leaves in skin infected area for 15-30 minutes and then wash it.

  1. Heal the minor wound quickly

The astringent content in Ampalaya leaves has also been used to heal the minor wound. It will relieve the pain and reduce inflammation so it brings the health benefits of Ampalaya leaves for accelerating the healing process. Just crushed the ampalaya leaves and add a little bit of warm water, then apply them to the wound area.

  1. Help to treat burn injury

The burn injury can heal better with Ampalaya leaves. The astringent content makes the burn injury heal quickly. To get these benefits of Ampalaya leaves, you have only to compress the burning area with the fresh leaves for 30 minutes until 1 hour.

  1. Treat a chronic cough effectively.

Make Ampalaya leaves as a juice and drink it in 1 teaspoon three times a day to get the benefits of Ampalaya leaves to treat a chronic cough. It affects in reducing inflammation and relieving your sore throat.

  1. Help to treat diarrhea.

The zinc content in Ampalaya leaves can protect the intestine mucosa. This mineral helps the intestine mucosa to repair quickly such as in colitis condition so the Ampalaya leaves can help to treat diarrhea quickly.

  1. Help to reduce fever

Drink the infusion of Ampalaya leaves and you will get the health benefits for reducing fever. It is because of astringent contain that can reduce inflammation reaction and fever.

  1. Prevent parasite or worm infection.

The extract of Ampalaya leaves has been proven to fight against the parasite in the body. It will kill the parasite or worms in the intestine and remove them out through fecal material.

  1. Keep the health of oral cavity.

Use Ampalaya leaves as the mouthwash to keep the health of oral cavity. It can treat a toothache and other mouth problems.

  1. Good for healthy eyes.

Ampalaya leaves are a good source of vitamin A. You can keep the healthy eyes and protect your vision with this vitamin.

  1. Help to control the blood pressure.

Ampalaya leaves in controlling blood pressure come from the function of potassium. This mineral controls the heart muscle contraction and blood pressure as well.

  1. Lowering the cholesterol.

The fiber content in Ampalaya leaves can lower the triglyceride and total cholesterol by binding on them perfectly. This will be the great benefits of Ampalaya leaves for treating the dyslipidemia problem.

  1. Protect the liver.

The antioxidant contained in Ampalaya leaves can protect the liver from damage and any inflammation. It is good to consume Ampalaya leaves as a juice to get the Ampalaya leaves for protecting the liver.

  1. Strengthen the bone.

The health benefits of Ampalaya leaves come from its calcium content. The calcium helps the bone formation and protect your bone to keep strong.

  1. Support the system immune.

Ampalaya leaves contain vitamin B complex and vitamin C which can support your immune system. If you have a good immune system, you can prevent the illness comes to your body.

  1. Help to prevent anemia.

The iron and copper contained in Ampalaya leaves bring the health benefits for preventing anemia. Those minerals are important in red blood cell formation to prevent anemia.

  1. Act as antioxidant.

The antioxidant effect of Ampalaya leaves is high enough. It can fight against free radicals which cause any diseases and cancer.

18 health benefits of Ampalaya leaves have been explained above. However, you should pay the attention about this herbal side effects. The side effects that may be occurred such as:

  • allergic reaction If you have skin rashes, urticaria, or difficulty in breathing after consuming this plant, stop it immediately and check your condition to your doctor. You may allergic to one or more substances content within Ampalaya leaves.
  • hypoglycemic effect. Ampalaya leaves can cause hypoglycemia condition for your body if you have an excessive consumption of Ampalaya leaves. It’s because its insulin-like substance that can lower the blood sugar.
  • Spontaneous abortion. If you are pregnant women, you should not consume this herbal. A substance that makes the bitterness in Ampalaya leaves can cause miscarriage for you too.

Consume the Ampalaya leaves in a proper amount. A cup of Ampalaya leaves juice a day is the maximal limit that you may consume. Always keep your body healthier in a healthy manner.