3 Proven Health Benefits of Consuming Doner Kebab

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Fast food has always been favorable for everyone as it is easy to make, fast to be served and delicious to taste. Is fast food always unhealthy? Some fast food are not that bad. Kebab is one of them. Doner kebab originally came from Ottoman Empire that is now known as Turkey.

It is best served hot or warm. People commonly use lamb, chicken or beef for the filling of the kebab. It is also using vertical rotisserie. This type of food is favorable because it is delicious, nutritious, healthy and easy to make. You can find this type of food in restaurant, but of course you can simply make it at home. Do you want to know more about doner kebab? Check the following out to feed your curiosity of doner kebab!

What does doner kebab look like?

The term “doner kebab” means the meat that is grilled and turned. In Arab, they call it as “shawarma” and in Greece, they call it as “Giros”. Doner kebab is mainly made of lamb meat that is processed with some seasoning that makes it brown-colored. As stated before, doner kebab may have beef, lamb or chicken as its filling, but it has never been pork. Besides the meat, it also has pitta bread that is very thin.

Pitta bread is very nutritious as it is high in protein, calcium and fiber. It is low fat too! This what makes pitta bread low in calories and is good for you if you want to lose weight. Pitta bread, meat and salad make doner kebab perfect for your light meal. You can add some sauces too, such as chili sauce or mayonnaise. If you are interested in consuming healthy meal, you can read Health Benefits of Yellow Cherry Tomatoes – The Nutrition Facts.

How healthy is doner kebab?

Many people said that doner kebab is unhealthy because it contains a lot of calories. Doner kebabs that are sold on the street may be unhealthy because we do not really know what the sellers use to make it. Large doner kebab with too much mayonnaise and cheese will be unhealthy.

For healthier choice, you may use no mayonnaise or cheese or just use it a little bit, add more salad and instead of using beef or lamb, you may change it with fish or whole chicken breast. For giving you an idea of having a healthier meal, you may read Health Benefits of Kathi Roll – Incredibly Healthy Indian Snack for your Diet.

Doner kebab with chicken will be healthier as it has many benefits, such as decreasing the risk of cancer, increasing metabolism and providing a lot of protein. Let’s check it one by one.

Providing a lot of nutrients

Chicken will be very great for your doner kebab as it provides you with lots of proteins, especially the lean protein. It is very important for the process of body growth. If you are on diet, doner kebab with chicken will be very great for your weight loss program.

Pitta bread is also full of nutrients, such as calcium, protein and fiber too. Adding more salad into doner kebab will be perfect as it will give you more vitamins that are good for your body instead of stacking more fats into your body.

Protection against cancer

Do you believe that by consuming doner kebab will help you to protect against cancer? It is not instantly that you can get free of cancer by eating lots of doner kebab. By having the right serving of doner kebab, for example, served with chicken, will enrich your body with vitamin B3 that plays important role in fighting cancer.

Increasing metabolism

Chicken in your doner kebab is rich in vitamin B6 will enhance the metabolism reaction in your body. It means by having chicken in your doner kebab will maintain your energy during metabolism. If you feel a bit tired, you can boost your energy by having chicken in your meal.

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Nutrients of doner kebab

You may be curious of the calories, fats, vitamins and other nutrients contained in a serving of doner kebab. Some people might say that doner kebab has thousands calories, but if you have the right amount of filling inside it, it may be healthy.

Nutrients facts

For one serving of small size doner kebab, you can find:

  • 750 calories
  • 47 g of fat
  • 1,800 g of sodium
  • 0 g of cholesterol
  • 30 g of carbs (2 g of dietary fiber)
  • 20 g of fat
  • 30 g of protein

How to have healthier doner kebab?

There are many ways you can do to make your doner kebab healthier, making it as vegetarian doner kebab or having healthier ingredients in it. Vegetarian doner kebab will use chick pea that are minced instead of using meat, such as beef or lamb. It can be called as a shish kebab that contains pitta bread and salad only. Another option is by using chicken or fish that are healthier. Reducing cheese and mayonnaise will also be helpful to make your doner kebab healthier.

So, do you still doubt of consuming doner kebab? Doner kebab is not as harmful as you think before if you put the right ingredients in it. Enjoy your kebab!