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Benefits of Homemade Turkey Broth (#1 Home Remedy)

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Chicken broth might be the most valuable home remedy when you catch cold. The warmness of the broth, added with the warmness of love offered by homemade food, is perfect for your remedy. And so, does turkey broth. It also has the same valuable benefits. Besides deal with cold, homemade turkey broth can also provide with the other benefits of homemade turkey broth

Turkey broth is usually made of turkey carcass and some aromatic spices. Or you can use the left over from your roasted turkey. Turkey broth can be consumed as it is, or as the mixture for the other cooking such as soup. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of homemade turkey broth, along with the nutritional value, and recommendation on how to make it. So, you can prepare your own homemade turkey broth for you and your family and get the valuable benefits.

The Nutritional Information of Homemade Turkey Broth

The benefits of homemade turkey broth is gained from its excellent nutrition value. So what are the nutritional value of turkey broth? What does this broth offer to enhance your health? here are some of the nutrition contained by turkey broth:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fiber
  • Sugar
  • Fats
  • Fatty acids
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

The Benefits Of Homemade Turkey Broth

We can say that homemade turkey broth is a cost-effective home remedy for some common health problems. It can also maintain the whole health of your body

  1. Boost recovery

A result of certain study published about the benefits of bone broth, including the homemade turkey broth. It is said that the broth is very good for boosting recovery from illness such as cold and flu. The benefits are mainly contributed by protein and amino acids in poultry such as turkey as the excellent source of amino acids.

  1. Expel mucus

Homemade turkey broth is very beneficial for recovery from flu. It is because poultry contains natural amino acids which is very helpful in thinning mucus in your lungs. It helps your lungs to easily expel the mucus as it presents a very good job as expectorant.

  1. Good for digestion

The other benefits of homemade turkey broth are to seal the inner part of digestive tract. The sealing protects our digestive organs from threatening infection and free radicals. This way, we can have the better digestive system, and able to prevent any digestive problems such as diarrhea. 

  1. Inhibit infection

Just like chicken soup, turkey broth also possesses the excellent ability in inhibit infection. It si especially the infection caused by flu viruses. Many studies proved that poultry broth has medicinal quality which significantly mitigate infection. Especially when the broth is added with the other beneficial vegetables and healthy spices such as onion with its Benefits of Onions for Cold and Flu Symptoms.

  1. Fight inflammation

The amino acids in turkey broth can also actively fight inflammation. This benefit is contributed by glycine, proline, and arginine which is found to be effective anti-inflammatory properties amino acids from poultry broth. So, it can deal with any kinds of inflammation in the body, including sepsis, or the whole-body inflammation.

  1. Reduce joints pain

Joints pain are mainly caused by inflamed joints. In this case, the ability of turkey broth to fight inflammation is effective to deal with the problem. In addition, turkey broth also contains good amount of collagen which will provide extra protection for your joints and prevent the further painful joints.

  1. Strengthen bones

When we talk about Health Benefits of Drinking Bones Broth , we have to mention the amount of calcium and magnesium contained in turkey bone broth. It is beyond the expectation. Therefore, homemade turkey broth can be a good solution for your strong and healthy bones. The benefit is mainly supported by the compounds which play important role in bones formation.

  1. Promote healthy hair and nail

Not only good for bones and joints, gelatin in turkey broth is also excellent to support healthy hair and nail. It significantly improves the strength and growth of your nail and hair. not only gelatin, the vitamin and minerals in turkey broth also take part in improving hair and nail health. 

The Recommendation on How to Make Homemade Turkey Broth

Actually, you can easily grab the canned turkey broth from the store. However, the benefits of homemade turkey broth with slow boiling broth will amaze you more than those canned broth. So, it is better for you to prepare your homemade turkey broth. For your information, it is very easy to make. Here is the recommendation on how to make  turkey broth and get the benefits of homemade turkey broth.

First, prepare a whole turkey or 2 pounds of bony turkey parts such as neck, back, breastbones, and wings. It is better if you use the organically-raised turkey to get more health benefits. Then, you’ll need water, vinegar, onion, carrots, celery, parsley, and some gingers if you want to. Vinegar is not only taste good with fatty broth. It is also helps leeching all those valuable minerals from the turkey bones to your broth. In addition, you will also get the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar from your broth. There’s no doubt that the vegetable such as carrot and parsley will add vitamin and the other Health Benefits of Parsley to your turkey broth, while the spices such as onion and ginger enhance the benefits of homemade turkey broth by adding the benefits of onion and Benefits of Ginger Root for Colds and Flu.

Once all the ingredients are ready, it is the time to cook the homemade turkey broth. And how about the cooking direction? Here are the steps:

  • Fill up a large stockpot with pure filtered water and put it on the heat.
  • Add vinegar and vegetables except parsley to the water.
  • Place the turkey into the pot, bring it to boil, and remove any scum arises.
  • Reduce the heat to the lowest and let it simmer.
  • If you include meat into your broth, remove the meat after 2 hours and let the bones and carcass to continue simmering for another 12 to 24 hours.
  • Add the fresh parsley right before you finish cooking.
  • Remove and strain the bones before you consume it

Isn’t it very easy and cost effective to prepare the beneficial turkey broth at home? So, what are you waiting for to present the benefits of homemade turkey broth for your family?