10 Health Benefits of Baby Oranges #Natural Antioxidant Source

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Orange is one of the fruits that we are certainly very familiar with. Besides the cheap price, orange can also be easily encountered by us on traditional markets to even supermarkets. Orange has a lot of types or varieties, such as tangerine, sunkist, pomelo, mandarin, blood, clementine, and a lot of other types of this fruit that have a high concentration of vitamin C in it. This article will explain about the health benefits of baby oranges.

Perhaps there are a lot of us who are not aware yet of how baby orange looks like, the benefits of it, and why is it called as baby orange. Read further into this article to find out the answers from the questions above, okay!

Characteristic Features of Baby Orange

Since it is named as baby orange, perhaps there are some of you who thought that the orange has a small shape. Turns out, it’s a wrong guest. To know more about how the baby orange looks like, take a closure look at these characteristic features of the fruit:

  • The size is almost as big as other oranges (about 8cm in diameter) with weight about 150 to 200 grams per fruit.
  • Thick skin (about 2 mm) with smoot skin texture
  • The skin’s color is green or bright orange with a nice fragrant
  • The color of its flesh is white with a touch of yellow and it tastes sweet
  • The way to consume this baby orange is usually by squeezing it or extracted the water and drink it.

Now are we pretty clear yet about how the baby orange looks like? Next we are going to explain about why this orange is called as baby orange. Yes, the fruit is called as baby orange since it tastes sweet and not sour at all, therefore it is safe to be consumed by children to even babies (the content of acid in baby orange is 50% lower than other types of orange).

Benefits of Baby Orange

Before we find out what are the health benefits of baby orangea, let’s first find out the nutrition contents inside of the fruit. Just like any other types of orange, baby orange also has a lot of nutrition in it that are indeed very good for our body’s health such as the vitamin C content that can go up to 116,2% from out daily intake. Besides that, baby orange is also very rich of fibers, beta cryptoxanthin, carotenoid, vitamin B6, and a lot of other nutrition contents.

Now here are some of the health benefits of baby orange that are good for your body:

  1. Increase the Body’s Immune System

When the body have a strong and healthy immune system, then the risk for the body to get attacked by diseases or dangerous viruses such as flu, ears infection, and other kinds of infection can be minimized. It needs to be noted that one of the health risks of being underweight is that it can affect your immune system. Thus, consuming baby orange can at least eases it out if your body happens to be underweight.

  1. Decrease the Risk of Cancer

Besides strong immunity, vitamin C contains in baby orange is also good to help decrease the risk of growing cancer in the colon that can happen because of damaged DNA due to free radicals. The content of beta cryptoxhantin and carotenoids inside this fruit can also help to decrease the risk of lung cancer from developing.

Beta cryptoxhantin can also be found in other fruits or vegetables that colored orange-red such as corn, pumpkin, carrot, etc. Thus the baby orange can indeed be an answer for you to the question of how to prevent cancers.

  1. Help Protect Skin’s Health

The benefits of baby orange are very good for the health of your skin. One of the effects from free radicals is that it can cause problems to your skin. The condition can make the cells on your skin to be damaged and show signs of premature aging.

A natural antioxidant which is vitamin C inside the baby orange will help to overcome the problem since we know that antioxidant can function to prevent free radicals that can cause problems to our body such as damaged DNA or even damage on skin cells.

Consuming one baby orange every day will help to rejuvenate your skin then make your skin look younger and avoid it from premature aging symptoms. So, don’t hesitate to try this, okay!

  1. Help Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

This is just as important as the other benefits. Besides vitamin C, baby orange also contains other vitamins such as vitamin B6 that can help the process to produce hemoglobin inside the body.The magnesium inside of this fruit can also help to maintain the blood pressure to stay normal. Thus, it can even help with high blood pressure treatments.

  1. Decrease Diabetes Risk

There are a lot of people believe that consuming sweet foods or drinks will be very bad for those who have diabetes. However, this believe is not fully right. Baby orange have a sweet taste that contains fibers and fructose sugar in it that are instead good to help maintain the sugar level on the normal rate.

So, for you who are suffering from diabetes or are afraid to develop diabetes, no need to worry that you can no longer consume sweet foods or drinks since the baby orange is very safe and healthy to be eaten by you. Therefore, even if it’s sweet, the baby orange definitely is not included in the most dangerous food for diabetes

  1. Help Decrease Cholesterol

Baby orange can also help you to decrease your cholesterol level. This is found out through a study done by some experts from the USA and Canada in which stated that inside orange’s skin contains Polymethoxylated flavon compound (PMFs) that can help to decrease the cholesterol level inside the blood more effectively than prescribed medicines.

  1. Prevent Sprue

The appearance of sprue can be very disturbing to your daily activities. But no need to worry since the vitamin C contains in baby orange can be very helpful for you to overcome this problem. The health benefits kaffir lime leaves can also help you with your sprue problems if you find it hard to overcome it with baby orange.

  1. Help Calming the Nerves and Muscles

Behind the sweet and fresh taste offered by baby orange, turns out there are a lot of benefits that we can get from consuming it. One of them is that it can help to calm down our muscles and nerves. Yes, inside baby orange contains fitonutrient compounds such as flavonoid and inositol which can help to create this condition.

Perhaps after reading the explanations above, you directly want to consume the baby orange. Yes, you can consume it directly or process it into a juice. You can simply grab the baby orange and squeeze them to get the water. You can then add water or milk into it. The healthy drink can be consumed by you directly or you can give it to your loved ones. Happy trying!