40 Benefits of Lemon Water For Health, Beauty (#1 Detox)

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What is lemon water? You may thing that it is just lemon in water. The trend of lemon water as healthy daily drink is progressively increasing but finding out more about its benefits before you decided to follow the trend is highly recommended.

Lemon is still in the citrus species, in category of bitter orange. So, unlike orange that you could consume and made into orange juice, you cannot make lemon juice without adding some sugar or additional sweetened substances. By making it into lemon water you could get all the benefits of lemon in a delicious and refreshing way. The table below is the list of nutrients contained in lemon:

Nutrition Value per 100 gram
General Nutrients % RDA
Carbohydrate 7%
Protein 2%
Total Fat 1%
Dietary Fiber 7%
Folate 3%
Niacin 1%
Pantothenic Acid 4%
Pyridoxine 6%
Riboflaving 2%
Thiamine 4%
Vitamin C 88%
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin E 1%
Potassium 3%
Calcium 3%
Copper 4%
Iron 8%
Magnesium 2%
Manganese 1%
Zinc 1%

Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon water benefits for health have any proven evidence through some research and scientific experiment.

  1. Lemon Water as Natural Detox and Body Cleanser

Lemon contained antioxidant called d-limonene that contributes in activating a special enzyme. This enzyme is essential in improving the liver function by flushing out toxins found in liver or turning them into less toxin.

  1. Lemon Water as Immunity Booster

Speaking of immune system deficiency, vitamin C is the essential substance to deal with that condition. Vitamin C will optimize the iron absorption and the production of red blood cells which is vital for immune system.

  1. Lemon Water as Natural Digestion Solution

The citric acid contained in lemon water could help your digestive system function properly and assist the bowel movement so all nutrients will be absorbed optimally. Healthy digestion means lesser bloating and healthier stomach.

  1. Lemon Water as Gout Relief

Uric acid is the main cause of some gout conditions. Lemon water is very effective in dissolving uric acid and as the result is a gout relief.

  1. Lemon Water as Energy and Mood Booster

Simple explanation is why lemon water is a good energy and mood booster. Our body needs positive and negative ions to boost energy. Positive ions obtained for foods and lemon water contained the negative ions. If both of them were met in the digestive system the result is more energy.

  1. Lemon Water for Healthier Heart

As antioxidant, vitamin C found in lemon water is effective in relaxing the blood vessel. As toxin remover, lemon water will function as the binder of some unnecessary substances that could cause some accumulation of plaques in the blood vessel.

  1. Lemon Water as Viral Infection Protector

Viral infection could be suffered by anyone and considered as common cases like cold, sore throat and cough. However, prevent them is much more recommended than deal with them. Lemon water will provide one more layer of protection towards this condition by boosting your immunity system.

  1. Lemon Water as Cancer Prevention

All fruits which are rich of antioxidant will be good for the regeneration of cells as well as the protector. Consuming lemon water could assist in preventing the development of cancerous cells caused by some factors like free radicals, unhealthy diets and lifestyle.

  1. Lemon Water as Kidney Problem Relief

Functioning as toxin detoxification surely lemon water is also effective in preventing the accumulation of kidney stone. Just by drinking lemon water regularly is effective in cleansing your kidney and improving its function.

  1. Lemon Water as Heartburn Relief

You might be surprised that the acidic content in lemon water is not harmful for your stomach. Moreover, instead it has kind of opposite function as heartburn relief and natural bloating solution.

  1. Lemon Water as Pregnancy Mother’s Protector

Vitamin C contained in lemon water could optimize the iron absorption and prevent any interference. Iron itself is very essential in the production of red blood cells and without which will be dangerous for both mother and the fetal.

  1. Lemon Water as PH Level Balancer

Too much acidic content in your body could cause some serious diseases like hypertension and cholesterol. Lemon water, thought it is also acidic, but it is very beneficial in reducing the acidic content in your body and turned them into alkaline which is good for your body.

  1. Lemon Water as Solution to Regulate Blood Pressure

As rich in potassium, lemon water is highly recommended for those who have problem with their blood pressure level. Potassium is effective in dissolving sodium from your blood and as the result your blood pressure will always under checked.

  1. Lemon Water as Depression Remedy

The smell of lemon has aromatic properties that could help in releasing stress.

  1. Lemon Water to Aid Metabolism

By detoxifying and dehydrating your body, lemon water is also able in assisting your metabolism to work properly. Healthy metabolism means all your body system will work properly, nutrients will be absorbed optimally while all the unnecessary substances will be completely removed from your body.

  1. Lemon Water as Solution to Respiratory Infection

Some respiratory conditions like asthma or light bronchitis are not easy to get rid of but by drinking warm lemon water regularly could assist in soothing the symptoms of some respiratory conditions.

  1. Lemon Water as Oral Health Solution

Lemon water is effective in killing bacteria that could cause some oral issues like swollen gums and toothache. Just by drinking lemon water you could get all the nutrients for your body and in the process cleaning up bacteria in your oral organs.

  1. Lemon Water as Brain and Memory Booster

As antioxidant of course lemon water is also good for your brain and memory. It is not only functioning as cell protectors that will assist in the regeneration of brain cells to boost your memory but also essential in blood circulation so your brain will get enough oxygen to assist the nerve system to work optimally.

  1. Lemon Water as Home Remedy of Common Cold

It is true that we cannot just get rid of common cold like influenza and fever by drinking lemon water because what we should do is fighting the virus. However, lemon water could increase the perspiration which is prominent in the healing process.

  1. Lemon Water to Improve Vision

Since lemon water is so rich of vitamin C, it must also rich of flavonoid, one kind of antioxidants which is widely known as powerful substances to protect the eyesight health and prevent eye problems.

Benefits of Lemon Water for Weight Loss

Are you currently in weight loss program but with no progress yet? Well, perhaps adding lemon water as part of your diet program could help in optimizing the current diet you have been doing. Below are some reasons why adding lemon water to your daily diet program could help you reaching your goal a bit fast:

  1. Lemon Water as Fat Burner

One of the antioxidant found in lemon that could stimulate and improve the liver function to burn fat is polyphenol. However, still lemon water is not a magic solution, followed by regular exercise is still necessary.

  1. Lemon Water as Appetite Control

When it comes to diet the hardest process is fighting the craving. Lemon is so rich of a certain fiber called pectin fiber. This fiber could help in controlling your craving, reducing your appetite and making you feel full.

  1. Lemon Water to Keep Your Body Hydrated

The problem why some weight loss program is not working is due to unhealthy choice of ways. The key is actually in your metabolism system, hydrated body means good metabolism. Once your metabolism is working properly dealing with excess fats and all unnecessary substances that could harm your body could be a bit easier.

  1. Lemon Water as Replacement of High Sugar Beverages

Drinking lemon water is much more refreshing than drinking sugary beverages. Besides that for you who are accustomed to drink coffee in the morning, why don’t you try to replace that habit with lemon water? You will be surprised that all the booster properties you need from caffeine is replaceable by lemon water but in much healthier way.

  1. Lemon Water as Good Addition for Alkaline Diet

The acidic content found in lemon water could produce alkaline in your body system. Perhaps it is the time for you to learn that alkaline therapy is one of the recommended solutions for faster weight loss.

Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water

  1. Lemon Water as Antioxidant

Antioxidant is very essential for the regeneration of your skin cells. In other words, lemon water is also a powerful anti-aging that could help you maintaining the healthy skin cells and repairing the damaged skin cells. Besides that it is also able to faster the regeneration of cells to replace the dead skin cells for healthier and blemish skin.

  1. Lemon Water for Glowing Face Skin

Collagen is essential to make your skin tight and your pores small. Vitamin C in lemon water is essential in producing collagen which is not only making the look of your skin younger but also glowing.

  1. Lemon Water as Wrinkle Free

As natural antioxidant, vitamin C contained in lemon water could help you in fighting the free radical that could damage your cells which causes the wrinkles. Drink it regularly to provide all the protections your skin really needed.

  1. Lemon Water as Dull Skin Face Instant Solution

Dull face skin is caused by dead skin cells. To deal with it you have to remove the dead skin cells to reveal the healthy skin. Lemon water has properties in removing those dead skin cells and bringing back all the beauty of your skin to the surface.

  1. Lemon Water as Home Remedy Acne Solution

The acidic content in lemon water could assist in killing the bacteria that causes the infection and vitamin C will assist in dealing with the rashes caused by the infection.

  1. Lemon Water as Instant Blackheads Remover

The acidic content in lemon water is effective in removing the blackhead caused by dirt and excess oil that enter your pores. Besides that the acidic content will also able to shrink your open pores after the blackhead extraction process to prevent more dirt to occupy the already empty pores.

  1. Lemon Water to Prevent Dark Spots

Lemon water is also effective in preventing the formulation of dark spots in your skin by protecting the healthy cells from free radicals that could damage the cells and form some dark spots that will make the look of your skin face duller.

  1. Lemon Water as Facial Scar Natural Solution

Do you have some facial scars caused by acnes or sunburn? Don’t need to worry, just apply some lemon water regularly to the scars to reduce the effect by repairing the damaged cells and giving back the healthy skin you deserves.

  1. Lemon Water for Stronger Hair

The best about lemon water is not only nutritious for your hair but it works directly on the root and the scalp of your hair to stimulate the healthier growth of your hair.

  1. Lemon Water to Treat Dandruff

Lemon water is also effective to treat dandruff. What you need to do is simply rinse your hair with lemon water to cleanse your scalp and in the process all dandruff will be washed off from your hair completely. However, after that you have to make sure to wash it back to remove all the acidic content from your scalp.

Lemon Water for Your Daily Life

  1. Natural Room Aromatic

One of the powerful qualities of lemon water is its aromatic smells. Well, now you could utilize that aromatic quality to make your house’s smell better. You could use the lemon water along with the peels to produce stronger aromatic that is also good to relief your stress after a long day at work.

  1. Natural Deodorize for your Kitchen

You find it is very difficult to you cleaning up your kitchen due to some oil stains or grains clots. Actually the acidic content in lemon water could help you removing those things much easier and at the same time provide you aromatic smells.

  1. Food/Cake Ingredients

It’s weekend you got stuck with what you are going to cook for your family. Well, what about lemon cake? That’s why you should always have lemon water in your fridge, so whenever you need it, you have it.

  1. Lemon Water as Breath Fresher

You could say goodbye to your current breath fresher product and turn your choice to lemon water as the natural replacement. The acidic content will kill the bacteria that could cause the bad breath but the same acidic content could damage your teeth as well that’s why use it wisely, rinse it with purify water is recommended but don’t brush your teeth.

  1. Curing Hangover

You must be surprised that the easiest way to cure hangover is just drinking lemon water. Lemon will help in removing toxins from your liver and the negative ion will provide electrolyte to boost back your energy.

Cautions of Drinking too much Lemon Water:

One thing to emphasize is that drinking lemon water regularly is good for your health but don’t drink it too much that could cause some health conditions. The problem is relying on the acidic content of lemon which is quite high.

  1. Tooth Erosion

As mentioned above, acidic content in lemon water is good to kill bacteria in the oral organs but too much acidic content in your teeth could cause a serious damage and tooth erosion is one of the examples.

  1. Heartburn

Adequate amount of lemon water could help you relieving heartburn but the effect will be the opposite if you drink it too much. It is due to the acidic content that could cause the acid reflux which causes heartburn.

  1. Dehydration

Too much lemon in your water might cause a diuretic effect and one of the symptoms is you will easily feel dehydration. If you start feeling that way, perhaps cutting your consumption of lemon water is necessary to be done.

Those are 40 reasons why lemon water is very beneficial for your life, not only for your health but also for your daily lifestyle. That’s why, making sure that you have store enough lemon water in your house is necessary. So, comes the next question, how to make lemon water?

How to Make Lemon Water:

To Prepare:

  • Half of lemon
  • 1/4 glass of cold water
  • 1/3 glass of boiled water

How to Prepare:

  • Squeeze the lemon for the juice
  • Remove the seeds
  • Mix the cold and boiled water
  • Mix the water with lemon juice
  • Warm lemon ready to drink

Furthermore, there is one easier way to enjoy lemon water. What you need to do is just slicing a lemon for 1 – 1.5 liter warm water, don’t do more than that due to the sour and bitter taste of lemon. One thing to note, you have to make sure that you have washed the lemon cleanly because you are going to need the peels as well. Then, put the slices into the warm water, pour them into the bottle storage, let them cool for one day inside the refrigerator, and you could drink it for the next day. By storing some lemon water in your refrigerator, you could provide healthy and fresh beverages to your guess anytime you want.