Are There the Health Benefits of Barley Tea? Let’s Find the Truth about It

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Barley tea, otherwise called Korean barley tea or roasted barley tea, is a famous hot and cold beverage in Asia. In Korea, the beverage is called boricha (bori meaning grain and cha meaning tea). 

In Japan, the beverage is called mugicha and in China, the beverage is called damai cha or mai cha. The essential fixing in barley tea is obviously roasted barley. 

Barley is an entire grain that is developed all over the world. It is popular with healthy eaters as a result of its high fiber content and mild taste. The taste of barley tea is frequently depicted as light and nutty. 

In this article, we will look further into the health benefits of barley tea. Is it worth the hype? 

Let us find out down below. Before going any further, make sure you also check out the health benefits of barley seeds and the health benefits of barley and lentils.

  1. Detoxification

Barley tea can help in detoxifying your body in two different ways. To start with, it purifies your blood.

Barley tea contains a substance called pyrazine that forestalls blood coagulation and aides in improving circulation. Besides, it is great for your liver that helps in discharging all the poisons from your body.

It likewise helps in separating the abundance fat in the body and in this manner, permits your liver to work at its best. 

  1. Improved Digestion

The fiber present in barley and thus, in the tea helps in directing your bowel movements, forestalls constipation, disposes of an bloated stomach, and keeps your gut clean.

It likewise goes about as a natural antacid and can help in alleviating acid reflux, indigestion or an upset stomach caused because of an imbalance in the gut acids. 

  1. Better Sleep

Barley tea contains melatonin and tryptophan which are both active fixings that advance good sleep. Additionally, since it is caffeine-free, you can have it before you hit the bed and not stress over your sleep being disturbed. 

In any case, remember that balance is the key. 

  1. Great Immune System

Barley tea contains a lot of vitamin C that can help shield your immune system from illnesses and abbreviate the span of the common cold and influenza. Vitamin C assists with expanding the creation of white platelets which makes it simpler for your body to battle infections. 

Barley tea likewise contains cancer prevention agents that wipe out free radicals that can cause cell damage which prompts untimely aging and serious illness, for example, cancer.

In a study distributed in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, analysts discovered five phenolic compounds in barley tea including quercetin which forestalls oxidation that causes cell damage. 

These phenols work explicitly to crush peroxynitrite which has been linked to both cardiovascular and neurological illnesses. 

  1. Weight Reduction

Barley tea is a normally low calorie drink that can be a delightful choice to plain water. It is an incredible substitution for sweet beverages that can pack on the pounds; simply make a point to constrain the sugars. 

Barley tea’s low sugar content means diabetics can drink this tea without the concern of soaring glucose levels. The high fiber substance of barley tea causes you to feel fuller so you will not have the inclination to nibble and consume unnecessary calories. 

Antioxidants in barley tea can support your digestion and help advance weight reduction by lessening overeating. Speaking of weight reduction, these our other articles that may assist you with achieving it: the benefits of eating raw coconut and the benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre for weight loss treatments.

  1. Healthy Teeth

Grain tea contains cancer prevention agents and polyphenols that can keep teeth from rotting. These incredible mixes additionally help to shield teeth from plaque development that can prompt cavities. 

A recent report distributed in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that refreshments produced using roasted barley had antiadhesive properties that can secure against plaque and forestall tooth rot.

The study utilized ceramic beads to imitate tooth lacquer and applied oral streptococci to the surface to study microscopic organisms development. 

The ceramic beads rewarded with a covering of roasted barley demonstrated lower paces of microscopic organisms development. The study credited the positive antibacterial properties to the cancer prevention agent melanoidin and different polyphenols found in roasted barley grains. 

It is important to take note that the study did not discover these cancer prevention agents in unroasted barley grains, so it seems the tooth decay-battling forces of barley tea originate from the roasting procedure of the grains.

So, those are the health benefits of barley tea. Please refer to the health benefits of licorice and peppermint tea for more insight.