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Top 25 Health Benefits of Lavender Oil (# Best Oil in Earth)

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When people are talking about essential oil, they must be also thinking about lavender. The name of lavender itself has been taken from the Latin root lavare and it has the meaning “to wash”. The reason why lavender means “to wash” is because since ancient times this herb was used to take a bath in order to purify body and soul. In fact current study revealed that lavender can even the effective way to heal some mental problems related to depression and also fatigue. Besides lavender is also useful for making perfumes and as flavours for beverage and food. As the modern times passes by this herb is significantly to be the top trade one.


Since the long time ago, this precious herb has been known making calm, soothing and also sedative affects when its scent is breathed. Besides it is used in the other ways such as acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation and even it is used as the main thing for a massage because it can stimulate relaxation.

Lavender oil is categorized as the essential oil which obtained by the process of a distillation of the flower spikes of certain species of lavender. There are two kinds of lavender oil. They are lavender flower oil, it has no color oil which is also insoluble in water and also has density is about 0.885/mL, and lavender spike oil which is defined as a distillate from the herb Lavandula latifolia which has density about 0.905mL.
Lavender as the Therapeutical Herb and Aromatherapy

Currently there are so many therapeutical herbs to heal some mental problems. One of the most popular therapeutical herb is lavender. Aromatherapy is named for unique branch of herbal medicine which is used for medical and therapeutic properties of the oils that can be found in various plants. This scented herb is also known as aromatherapy which contained volatile plant materials and it is known as essential oils. Besides aromatherapy is used for the aim of altering mind, cognitive function and also mood. This aroma from lavender can stimulate brain function or cognitive function. While it may also stream through the bloodstream and can distribute the entire-body healing. Aromatherapy of lavender is known as the treatment to heal or reduce the diseases by using the essential oils of lavender.

The Multi-benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender is widely known as one of the aromatherapy products which is really useful to heal mental problems. Its scent and essential oil will be inhaled into the lung and it can lead to the psychological and also physical effects. It means that lavender can stimulate the brain to do a reaction. Not only stimulate the brain, but also lavender will rise the natural component which supplies therapeutic effect when we inhale its scent.
Based on those proof the researchers tried their best to reveal the more benefits stored in lavender and hereby the proven benefits of Lavender Oil:

1. Treat the Fatigue

Fatigue is a symptom in which it might be difficult for sufferers to describe and it can be the same as exhausted or tired. Besides it is defines as the lack of energy either physical or mental. Fatigue is caused by many sicknesses relate to physical, psychological or even the mixed of two both. This symptom is mostly cause by depression and other psychiatric problems.

The aromatherapy contained on lavender oil can treat this symptom. The chemical constituent can stimulate the soothing impacts on body. For treating the fatigue you only need to take lavender oil and add to a warm foot bath and let your feet soaked on it.

That process will cause bloodstream very fast and it will make soothing the various systems in body. The benefit of lavenda oil is not only for people in general but also for pregnant women. In a study some pregnant women got involved in a research focused on lavenda oil benefit for pregnant women and they proved that aromatherapy of lavender oil can combat the suffer from fatigue during pregnancy

2. Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory

Essential oil of lavender is the example of complex mixtures shifted from plants’ aromatic that posses antioxidant and anti inflammatory conditions of in type of food and also cosmetics industry. Lavender oil can be the solution to be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Lavender oil can even change the resistance of pathogenic mircobes to antibiotics. According to a study revealed that lavender oil consists the important antibacterial and antiviral components. This oil can also help againts bacteria in respiratory tract. This great oil also can be the best way on combating the growth of the serious foodborne pathogens for example Salmonella spp., E.coli and Listeria monocytogenes.

Antioxidants from this oil can protect foods we consume from the dangerous pathogens or toxic. Furthermore it can be the alternative way to filter free radicals which are very dangerous to stimulate the growth of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, brain dysfucntion and also the lack of immune system.

Lavender oil is well known as the effective againts the antioxidant and anti inflammatory problems relate to concerning about scavenging the free radical activity.

3. Treat Headache

According to the study held by Departement of Neurology Mashad University of Iran, lavender oil is effectively can heal the migraine headache. The study involved 47 participants suffered from migraines. This study revealed that by inhalating of lavender oil is safe and effectively heal and treat the severe migraine headache.

For healing headache can use the distilled water of lavender and make a mist surrounding your head. That process will make your head refreshed and soothed so that the headache will slowly be healed. That process is known as aromatherapy. Diffusing lavender oils in the bedroom will stimulate or make a calm and peaceful atmosphere to sleep very well.

While another study held in Korea revealed that the lavender fragrance naturally contains beneficial effect for insomnia and depression among women college students. While Japanese study also demonstrated that lavender oil aromatherapy can improve flow velocity reserve and even reduce serum cortisol among adult men.

4. Treat the Earpain

Among pediatric earpain is one of the common problem. For many reasons, the children are given antibiotics with fruits flavored in order to heal the ear and even ear infection.

This disease is also one of the most serious diseases because earpain will lead to the complications of allowing infection on ears. It will be worst when they are not given antibiotics treatment because this serious disease will also rise the inflammation of the lining of brain and spinal cord and if it happens longer time, the worst thing will occure and it can be permanent brain damage and even the permanent hearing loss.

Preventing is the best way before it is getting worst. The first way to heal or to prevent is diffusing the lavender oil in the bed or room where the children or babies sleeping. It will help to make them calm from any anxiety. It will also relieve the discomfort of the inflammation activity.

5. Treat the Insects’ Bite

We find it is really annoying when mosquitoes, chiggers, insects and biting flies are disturbing our healthy life. For some case they will bring the serious risk to to our health. Lavender oils if the best Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally without no side effects.

In some countries their bites can bring a serious diseases. One of the serious bites is from insects’s bite. It can be painful bite which can hold until some days or even a week. This insects’ bites can even impact the itch on our skin. There are some drugs or even cream to heal this insects’ bites but there is another easy and effective way to do so. Lavender oil is the effective way to heal it but it is not for children under two years old.

Lavender oil can protect and heal for a half an hour or even less. As already mentioned above that lavender oil has In Vitro antimicrobial againts fungi, bacteria and even insects. That is why lavender oil can health insects’ bites.

6. Prevent the Scabing

One of the most common problem among people is having pruritus or itchy skin. Some study revealed that essential oil such as lavender oil successfully used to resolve and treat common causes in itchy skin. The itchy skin will lead to rubbing and scrathing to the area where it is irritated.

The intense or sever scratching eventually leads to the scabies. Scabies is the external parasites which also attack animals such as dogs, rabbits and cats. These parasites will grow on the skin and will cause itching. The skin will be red, infected and also inflamed moreover that condition can be terrible.

Some studies indicated that essential oil of lavender can treat scabies or malassezia dermatitis by applying it twice daily for one or two months. The essential or natural oil of lavender will also moisturize the skin of allergies and dried related to scabies.

7. Treat Insomnia

Having a good sleep is the most important thing of a healthy lifestyle. It helps the body reinvigorate in order to prepare the mental or stress disorders.

In some studies revealed that the older psychiatric patients which were placed lavender oil on their pillows had the better sleep and they were more ready and active to do anything during the day. The reality of insomnia or long-term sleep difficulties has been attacking human’s life since long time ago due to hard working, driving, heavy social activities and even having serious health implications.

For those who is suffering from this old symptom, insomnia, lavender oil will be the effective way to treat. Take three lavender oil and put on pillow, while for children or infants it only needs to put one lavender oil and oil to their back when bathing.

8. Treat the Anxiety

Anxiety is the common mental problem which can attack human’s mental. It can drive to a very difficult mental depression. The anxiety among people occurs anywhere and it is due to the trigger or stimulus that cause anxiety response.

The benefit of aromatherapy of lavender oil is known as the treatment or healing and combating of diseases by the usage of essential or natural oils. The fragrance and aromatherapy contained on lavender is well known as the best way to heal and treat the mental disorders or problems.

This precious oil is also used for healing the anxiety reduction. When the people are getting lost control they slowly will feel themselves in trouble which is actually contained by anxiety. The aromatherapy on lavender oil will influence the brain as if it is filled with the great aroma. Besides it will also prevent acute anxiety and take a better control for managing themselves.

9. Treat the Shingles

Shingles is widely known as the serious skin illness caused by the same virus which causes chickenpox such as Herpes varicella-zoster virus. Although there is no spesific treatment or medicine to combat shingles but there is alternative way to reduce or prevent by using essential oils including from lavender oil.

It can prevent and heal the symptoms. Based on the medical history, essential oils including lavenda oil has been helpful to treat this illness. Lavenda oil contains anti inflammatory, antibacterial and also antiviral fuction.

It is used by applying the lavenda oil to make powerfula antiseptics. This herb is also good for calming effects and also can reduce irritation or inflammation such as shingles.

10. Natural Lips Moisturizer

Most of people is only thinking that skin care, facial care and even anti aging treatment are the most important things while they forget the important of healthy lips. The skin of the lips is thinner than skin face. Choosing the lipstick or lipbalm is the most important thing in order to protect the lips stay healthy.

Besides there is something like side effects if we only depend on lipstick for treating our lips. Generally the skin of the lips is very thin and it always needs to be moisturized. The natural treatment can be found in Lavender oil.

This lavender oil can retain the calming components of lavender essential oil and it can also repair and moisturizing the lips, especially dried lips. Moreover lavender oil can make soothing and nourish the skin of lips.

11. Treat the Eczema

For those who are suffering from eczema will surely consult his/her skin problem to a dermatologist. They will surely do everything to heal that serious skin problem.

While dermatologist for some cases suggested the patients to used prescribed cream which was only to relieve the symptoms in short time. Shot-time treatment must be exhausted and wasting-time treatment.

As the patients, they must be finding the way out to do long-term treatment in order to make their eczema healed. The best natural solution is taking several drops of lavender oil mixed with beans and it will also help to prevent dermatitis.

Other Lavender Oil Benefits

12. Treat the Fever

Fever is the common disease that can attach everyone with the weak immune system. There are many treatments including natural treatments for healing fever, but Lavenda oil may be the best, effective and even easy way to heal for fever. It is still easy even for babies and infants. Take a drop of lavender oil and rub it onto back very gently. Its process can be applied to adults.

13. Treat the Acne Problem

Acne is the most popular among women and men. To prevent that common problem Lavenda is the effective way to heal it even it should be tested to small areas in order to check your skin whether it is irritating or not. The way to heal is using antiseptics properties on lavender oil which can be very effective on managing acne.

14. Prevent Nausea and Vomiting

The study focused on aromatherapy lavenda oil for pregnant women shows that lavenda oil can prevent nausea and vomiting, but mostly this lavenda oil has a better impact on nausea than vomiting. For those who is suffering from morning sickness or nausea even vomiting, lavenda oil aromatherapy will be the alternative ways to heal it. You only need to put lavender oil in the end of your tongue or put behind your ears or surrounding the navel.

15. Treat the Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CSR)

Chronic Rhinosinusitis is known as common illness since long time ago. This illness causes allergic and asthmatics. The worst CRS will lead to inflammation of contiguous tissue of the upper respiratory tract which can also influence the nasa mucosa affects adjacent sinus tissue. The common medical treatment of CSR suggests patients to combat it with antibacterials and corticosteroids. As all people know that lavender oil naturally contains antibacterials. This antibacterial on lavenda oil can restore mucociliary clearance and normal airflow.

16. Sedative Effects in MICE

Lavender oil is very good to treat some illnesses which attack humans’ life including to be a calming or sedative effects in mice. According to the study that inhaling lavender oil can boost the immobile state in mice which can stimulate or sedative effects or mice. A sedative properties on lavender oil contain linalool and also linalyl acetate. Using lavender oil shows correlation of the morility of the animals to linakool. The study also concluded that the aromatherapeutical usage of lavenda oil can stimulate and store falling asleep or can decrease depression.

17. Treat the Stress-Relaxation

Lavender oil has been proved as the multibenetifs herb which can heal and treat many diseases. Several benefits are related to aromatherapy. They are purifying mind and relaxation. The real aromatherapy is when the aroma of lavender oil affects on mood, soul and relaxation. It real occurs when the people inhale the lavender scent and it will bring the peace mood and better mind which can stimulate the better relaxation.

18. Treat the Menstrual Cramps

Lavender oil has been known as multibenefits herb which is very important for treatment and healing. One of that benefit is relating to menstruation. Lavender oil was revealed that it is also an emmenagogue which can distribute or menstruation and bloodstream to pelvic women area. There must be a professional treatment especially for women in pregnant plan or nursing women.

19. Massange or Tension

Lavender oil has a function as the absorber essential oils into the skin and also bloodstream. The aromatherapy such as lavender oil can produce the benefits of topical usage of essential oils together with the soothing benefits of massage. The important role of lavender oil is that it can go strightly to the area in which you want to be heal the most. The way lavender oil treat the body and bloodstream will automatically heal the tension through the bloodstream.

20. Antifungal

Lavender oil has been known as the effective antifungal which prevent againts fungi. Some study even proved that lavender oil could combat the antifungal activity which the oils originally are from L. Angustifolia and L. x intermedia in which they attactk againts Aspergillus nidulans and Trivhophyton Mentagrophytes. In another side, L. Stoechas was effectivelly combating the agricultural fungi such as Leptoshaeria Maculans and Sclerotinia. So Lavender oil will be the easy and effective way to run the function as the antifungal.

21. Treat the Pain of Muscles

Having a problem in body such as pain muscles is the hardest thing for people. This old and common problem has risen since very long time ago. Essential oil from lavender oil has been revealed that it can heal and treat the pain in muscles. Besides many benefits of lavender oil, there is another important benefit on it which can heal or prevent muscles pain.

22. Treat Backpain during Pregnancy

Being a pregnant woman must have some problems which are influencing the baby in the wombs. One of the common problem during pregnancy is having a backpain. For those who is still suffering from this common problem during pregnancy or not in pregnancy, lavender oil can be the effective way to be the easy and fast treatment for healing and prevent a backpain. A study revealed that lavender oil inhalation can result obvious analgesic activity. While the oil of aromatherapy obviously reduced the acetic acid wrtithing response in a naloxone sensitive manner.

23. Treat the Pain of Burn (Minor) and Sunburn

Lavender oil contains essential oil which is really good to heal or treat the pain of burn. As the scent herb, this precious lavenda is also used for pharmaceutical plant since it has the good essential oil. It is also useful for dermatology to treat the sunburn and even skin rashes because lavenda oil generally contains antiseptic and also antibiotics.

24. Treat Throat Problem

The respiratory disorder including throat problem is not really comfortable for us. Taking 2 or 3 drops of lavender oil on our tongue and just watch whether it has really muscle relaxation effects towards the smooth of digestive system.

25. Boosting the moods

Some studies revealed that aromatherapy could cause the obvious affect on activity of brain, alertness sense and also forty moods. For those who use lavenda oil say their inhaling they were reported that the participants of those research felt more relaxed and performed the math computation since they were using aromatherapy of lavenda oil.
The Recommend Dosage of Lavender Oil

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Using lavender as aromatherapy is the important thing in order to heal some diseases. Patients who are suffering from the allergy to lavender scent must avoid to inhale it. Especially for pregnant women or nursing women, lavenda oil is important but it has to be paid on the great attention on pregnancy. Lavender oil can spread menstruation. Do not too much on using this lavender oil because it may lead to narcotic and sedative impacts. For some people lavender oil may cause allergic and also sunburn.