36 Unbelievable Sweet Potatoes Leaves Health Benefits

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Sweet potato leaves for the body health are many and various types. Sweet potatoes are often considered only ordinary processed food ingredients, but actually the leaves of sweet potato  have  many benefits if we consume them appropriately. Sweet potatoes are  known in Latin name as (Ipomoea batatas L.).

This kind of tubers is mostly used by the community as a food intake replacement carbohydrate needs. In addition to overcoming hunger, there are many other benefits of sweet potato leaves are often left and ignored about their benefits.

Sweet potato leaves in some circumstances are usually processed into vegetables. However, again the sweet potato leaves are consumed without knowing what benefits are able to taken by consumpting the sweet potato leaves. The benefits of sweet potato leaves for health is closely related to the content of the compounds in it. Therefore, before discussing the various benefits of sweet potato leaves it’s good if we know first what is the content in this sweet potato leaves compound.

Consider the following explanation about the sweet potatoes leaves health benefits.

Content of Compounds from Sweet Potato Leaf

Sweet potato leaves have a very rich content, ranging from the content of mineral substances, vitamins, even to the protein you can enjoy from the consumption of sweet potato leaves. What are the ingredients of the sweet potato compound?

Here are some of the ingredients you need to know from sweet potato leaves.

  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Carotene.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K.
  • Vitamin B.
  • Beta carotene.
  • Protein.

That’s just some of the compound content of sweet potato leaves that are known to affect the many benefits of sweet potato leaves. After knowing about these various contents, the following will explain the benefits of sweet potato leaves for your body’s health.

1. Overcoming Swelling and Bruising

The first benefit of sweet potatoes is in relation to swelling and bruising. If you have  experience of swelling and bruises due to blows or other things, then this sweet potato leaves have function as a compress of swollen and bruised. You just need to smooth a few leaves of sweet potato, then paste on the bruise, and tie it to dry.
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2. Treating Inflammation

Inflammation or inflammation in a person’s body often occurs. It will be handled by eating sweet potato leaves. Sweet potato leaves are known  containing good vitamins and proteins to restore the health of the body by overcoming various inflammation that occurs in the body.

3. Overcoming Ulcers

Furthermore, the benefits of sweet potato leaves for health can also be demonstrated by overcoming ulcers. Ulcers are red bumps on the skin that contains pus. Of course it is very painful, that is why ulcers should be overcome. The fix is ​​to heat a sweet potato leaf and stick it on your ulcers.  Although  it feels quite ill, but this sweet potato leaves will quickly drain your ulcers. (read also: Benefits of Cassava Peels )

4. Treating Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a dangerous disease that can be deadly if not handled with alacrity. This disease causes the body to have platelets that continue to decline and can only be saved if the platelets have returned to normal. Therefore, DHF patients are advised to consume boiled  sweet potato leaf water to re-save it from dengue.

5. Relieves Fever

Another sweet potatoes leaves health benefits is its content that mamp relieve fever. Sweet potato leaves if boiled and water is consumed by people with fever, then a person can be healthier and the fever can soon subside. Therefore, treat your fever and your family using a natural medicine that is sweet potato leaves.

6. Preventing Hangover while Traveling

It turns out by consuming sweet potato leaves with chewed during the trip is very good to prevent drunken happen. As it is known, many people find it difficult to travel overland as a result of nausea and vomiting are disturbing. Apparently, the leaves of sweet potatoes consumed during the journey an alleviate this disorder. (read also: Health Benefits of Potato Soup)

7. Treating Nausea and Vomiting

Benefits of sweet potato leaves for further health, associated with digestive problems such as nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting often disturb you who have an unhealthy stomach. Apparently there is a natural way you can do to treat nausea and vomiting that you often feel. The way it is by eating sweet potato leaves. 

8. Overcoming the Dark

Myopic eyes are a condition caused by decreased eye vision ability. This myopic state can be overcome and improved by eating sweet potato leaves. The trick is to treat sweet potato leaves with warm water and honey and consume the water. So your eyes can be more resolved the state of the farsightedness.

9. Maintaining Eye Health

Sweet potato leaves are known to have a good carotene content for the eyes. This carotene is needed to keep the eyes healthy. That is why if you want to have healthy eyes, then one way is to eat this sweet  potato leaves. So that carotene intake can help the eye work with a maximum.

10. Treating Cough and Cold

Coughs and colds are one of the problems that every human being faces at all ages. Apparently the problem of cough and runny nose can be overcome by utilizing vitamin content in sweet potato leaves. Therefore, if you are experiencing the problem of cough and runny nose then consume sweet potato to treat it.

11. Treat Sore Throat

In addition to coughs and colds, the benefits of sweet potato leaves for other health is in terms of treating sore throat. Inflammation is caused by bacterial infections that attack the throat. This situation is very dangerous and disturb you to eat. That’s why you are advised to consume warm water from sweet potato decoction to treat it.  

12. Overcome Worms in Children

Worms in children will cause other health problems come attacking. That is why, children who show symptoms of intestinal worms should be treated as soon as possible. One way to handle it is to consume sweet potato leaves. Just like before, you can boil sweet potato leaves, take boiled water, and consume it regularly.

13. Adding Child Weight

Children often experience digestive problems that cause their skinny body. You can increase your child’s weight by providing intake of sweet potato leaf nutrient to increase appetite. The content of sweet potato leaves you can enjoy by consuming boiled water continuously.

14. Improving Child’s Appetite

Children’s low appetite is very often cause the child to be lazy to eat.  If  we ignore , it will cause the child’s immune to decline. That’s why it’s important to increase your child’s appetite. Your child’s appetite can be improved by giving it a supplement of boiled sweet potato leaves.

15. Treating Constipation

Constipation is a disorder of the digestive system in the form of difficult bowel movements. Difficulty This chapter will cause stomach health conditions become unfamiliar. That is why it is important to have a smooth and healthy digestive system. You can have a smooth digestive system by consuming sweet potato leaf water with routine.

16. Overcoming Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are another digestive disorder that can be overcome by using the benefits of sweet potato leaves for health. Sweet potato leaves are known to have a content that can overcome the effective hemorrhoids premises. So a person no longer need to suffer due to hemorrhoids that make it sick during bowel movements.

17. Prevent Hemorrhoid

The sweet potatoes leaves health benefits, furthermore relate to the digestive system. Hemorrhoid is a condition in which a person defecates very sick, even to not be able to sit everyday. This situation can be prevented if you consume boiled water of sweet potato leaves as a lubricant in your digestive system.

18. Maintain Digestive Health System

Overall it is a good digestive system you can have by eating sweet potato leaves. Sweet potato leaves have a good content to reduce and facilitate the working of organs in the digestive system. Therefore, you can also use sweet potato leaves boiled and consumed water for better digestion.

19. Preventing Diabetes Attacking

Diabetes is a dangerous disease and can cause other diseases or complications. This disease can be prevented by controlling blood sugar in good. You can consume boiled water from sweet potato leaves as one way to prevent diabetes or by eating sweet potato leaves as vegetables.

20. Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

For those of you who are diabetics, that causes blood sugar levels to increase can easily overcome using sweet potato leaves. Sweet potato leaves you can use like your diabetes medication. When you feel your blood sugar levels are rising, then consume this sweet potato or drink boiled water.

21. Increase Platelets in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often experience decreased platelet disorders. This situation can harm the health of the mother and the fetus it contains. Therefore, a pregnant woman can utilize sweet potato leaves to improve her platelet count. You can process sweet potato leaves as vegetables or consume boiled water with sweet potato leaves routine.

22. Treating Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is another type of disease that can be overcome with the benefits of sweet potato leaves for health. You can use sweet potato leaves to raise platelets from chickenpox sufferers who often drop dramatically. You are required to drink boiled water from sweet potato leaves to be able to feel the benefits.

23. Prevent cancer

Cancer is another of the most feared problems that can affect human health. Cancer can occur due to free radicals that often threaten due to unhealthy food intake that makes the radical healthy the greater the spread in the body. That’s why you are expected to consume sweet potato leaves to counteract free radicals.

24. Treat Stomach Inflammation

Gastric inflammation is another digestive problem that can be overcome by using the content in sweet potato leaves. The benefits of sweet potato leaves are known to treat the inflammation that occurs in your stomach. That is why consume boiled sweet potato leaves with a routine is recommended for you to maintain stomach health.

25. Overcoming Arthritis Disease

The benefits of other sweet potato leaves are related to the disease of arthritis. Arthritis is a disease that is indicated by swelling of the joints. This situation can cause health problems and movements in a person. Therefore, you are expected to cope with the natural way of eating sweet potato leaves such as vegetables. Also read: Health Benefits Of Cassava

26. Preventing Joints and Muscles

Disorders of joints and muscles can you prevent if you eat this sweet potato leaves. Sweet potato leaves have a good mineral content for your joints and muscles. So if you want your body to be healthy and there is no problem in the joints and muscles, then you should consume the sweet potato leaves as your vegetables on a regular basis.

27. Treat Uric Acid

Uric acid is a joint disorder in the form of pain and aches that often attack humans. This disorder can even lead to swelling and inflammation that is harmful to you. Apparently sweet potato leaves can cure this uric acid problem. It’s just sweet potato leaves should be processed into a herb first with a mixture of cloves, ginger, pepper, etc. Also read: Health Benefits of Japanese Sweet Potato

28. Become a Drug for Bronchitis Disease

Bronchitis is another type of disease that you can treat using the benefits of sweet potato leaves for health. This is caused by sweet potato leaves that are able to cope with various types of inflammation and bronchitis caused by inflammation. Therefore, in addition  taking drugs from doctors, bronchitis patients can consume boiled water sweet potato leaves for healing to be more effective. (see also: Potato Benefits) 

29. Treat Cancer

Cancer can be treated if you overcome the free radicals in the body with the maximum. Although it is not completely healed, at least cancer cells can be tamed using natural ingredients from this sweet potato leave. Therefore, consume sweet potato leaves regularly to keep your body healthy. Also read: Benefits of Budwig Diet for Cancer

30. Maintaining Heart Health

Healthy heart that you can have by utilizing sweet potato leaves in the form of potassium and vitamin B6. Various content in sweet potato leaves is able to prevent the heart becomes sick due to work that is too heavy.

In addition to the thirty benefits of sweet potato leaves for health, there are also 6 other benefits. Here are 6 benefits of other sweet potato leaves you need to know.

31. Boost the immune system

The body can have a higher immune system by utilizing the consumption of sweet potato leaves continuously. So the body was not easily hurt back.

32. Preventing Anemia Attack

Anemia can be prevented if you consume sweet potato leaves regularly. This is caused by the content in the sweet potato that is able to meet the need for the formation of red blood cells.

33. Have a High Antioxidant

Sweet potatoes are known to have a very high antioxidant content. Having enough antioxidants in the body can prevent various diseases coming to attack, including cancer.

34. Increasing  Breastfeeding Mother Production

Breastfeeding mothers want to have enough milk production for their baby’s consumption needs. Therefore, the various ways  mothers want to do in order to have milk can come out in abundance. You can consume this sweet potato leaves so that the intake of breast milk for your baby can be fulfilled.

35. Overcoming Headache

Sweet potato leaves have a good potassium content to treat headaches that you feel. Therefore, consume potassium regularly to keep your body healthy and dizziness can be effectively avoided

36. Sufficient Body Protein Requirement

The body certainly needs protein to stay active and various health problems can be overcome easily. The benefit of sweet potato leaves for other health is in terms of adequacy of this protein requirement. Therefore, you also can become healthier and stronger.

Thus they are  the information on the content and benefits of sweet potato leaves for the health of the human body. Hopefully this important information is useful for you to keep your body healthy and protected from various diseases. This information is very good for you and hopefully can be practiced easily. Good luck and hopefully stay healthy always!