Potential Health Benefits of Kale and White Bean Soup for You

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Healthy lifestyle not only doing the exercise regularly, but also about healthy foods and healthy activity. Healthy foods is now trending topics for citizen of the world, because it’s support their daily dietary for reaching healthy lifestyle’s goal. Become vegan, is simple way to reach their lifestyle’s goal. Friend with vegetables and herbs or even natural spices, is best choices to make healthier.

Many restaurants has provide variety of vegetarian menu, such as vegan salad, corn chowder, boiled potatoes and eggs, vegan soup, etc. Don’t be forget about the drink. These are important too for healthy people, like as no alcohol drink, no more carbonated drink, and less of sugar and caffeine.

Like kale and white bean soup, these are alternative menu for vegan. Many nutrition contained on it which useful for fulfill vegan’s nutrition. It can be included on daily dietary menu. With those simple ingredient and way of cook, it’s easy to make at home. It’s like as health benefits of korean bamboo salt to our health. Here now, we will see what health benefits of kale and white bean soup is.

Mixed Kale and Bean Soup

Kale and white bean soup is combination of green vegetable and nut. Kale is green-leaves vegetable which classified to cabbage’s family like as cauliflower, broccoli. Like as its families, kale contains many vitamin and mineral for our health. Kale has many types such as curly-leaf kale, flat-leaf kale, even green-blue leaf kale, and each type of kale has different taste to cook. Health Benefits of India Madder has same benefits too.

White bean included in legumes family, which contained abundant amount of protein that useful for human being. Variety of white bean is navy bean, cannellini, great northen which the famous ones. This bean is available in canned at the market.

Nutrient Value of kale and white bean soup

As it said above, kale has contained mineral and vitamin. It has vitamin A (carotene), vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. Potassium, calcium, phosphor, zinc, and zeaxantin are micro mineral inside.

So the white bean are. It also has many nutrient inside, such as abundant of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. Essential minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium, contains on it. There are vitamins contained on white bean, like as vitamin B, vitamin K, folic acid, thiamine, and choline.

With those abundant amount of nutrition, we ensure to take them in daily dietary for healthy life. And below, we can see the benefits of kale and white bean soup

The Health Benefits of kale and white bean soup

Many nutrition on each ingredient of the kale and white bean soup. Most of them are contains of micro/essential minerals which give benefits to our health. Here they are the benefits of kale and whote bean soup: 

  • Prevention of cancer

Having abundant of antioxidants such as sulfopharane, can give benefits for our health. Sulfopharane, known as an anti-cancer agent in some researcher. It works as growth inhibitor of cancer cells. Based recent research expressed that sulfopharane can inhibit growth of cancer cells about 60-80% cancer cells.

  • Maintaining health of the heart

As we said before, there’s contains of vitamin K on its ingredients. This vitamin helps to our blood vein, which have related to heart organ. Its vitamin reduce risk of blood clots on the blood vein. And decade research shows that there are reduction risk of heart disease to patient who gets additional vitamin K supplement. But, if the patient or somebody gets medication like warfarin or something else, they need contact the physician to get further information about those medication. Benefits of long grain rice also give benefit to our heart.

  • Maintaining health of eyes

Lutein and Zeaxanthin is kind of antioxidant which including on the pro-vitamin A. These two required to our body to fulfill vitamin daily intake, especially vitamin A. These two, known abroad, can give health benefits as a eyes protector, cornea lubricant, etc. Zeaxanthin is the most important carotenoid which can absorbed perfectly by retina to protect eyes. Some research of Health Institute expressed that consumption high vitamin A on daily intake can reduce risk of eyes disease. 

  • Prevent of anemia

Iron is micro minerals which important to blood system. It usually to increase of haemmoglobin value. Both kale and white bean, has its iron. It very useful to anemia, lack of iron minerals.

  • Prevention of osteoporosis

Enriched by calcium and vitamin K, make this soup has benefits to our bone. Both of them can prevent osteophorosis, by strengthen and form the bone.

  • Improve of digestive system

Vitamin B complex is essential nutrient in our body. It useful for metabolism proceess

Recommendation Intake of kale and white bean soup

With those benefits to our health, there are limitation the consumption of kale and white bean soup.

Kale is classified to cruciferous family, include to cabbage and broccoli. As the expert physician said that people should limit the consumption kale, because it has high glucosinolate levels. This compound has effect to thyroid gland, is enlarged the thyroid gland. And white bean too.

Too many protein inside of body, not good for our health. It would be initiate to another illness, like high of ureic, etc.