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Benefits of Using Donkey Milk Soap for Skin Health and Beauty

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Milk has been known to be beneficial for skin health. It is due to the protein in milk which is able to improve skin health and prevent skin problem. Besides the benefits of milk soap which is derived from cow milk, the other milk product which is claimed to be excellent for skin is donkey milk soap. Applying donkey milk soap is able to give us the benefits of donkey milk soap for better skin complexion.

Donkey milk soap can not only contribute to skin health, but also beauty.  It is mentioned that Cleopatra is the first who promote the benefits of donkey milk for skin. No wonder that Cleopatra was mentioned to have very beautiful skin.

Applying soap derived from natural ingredients such as lavender soap with its Benefits of Homemade Lavender Soap, or the animal sourced natural soap such as snake oil soap with its Benefits of Snake Oil Soap is claimed to retain natural beauty of your skin. To give you the detail, this article will be focus on the benefits of donkey milk soap, along with the recommendations in using donkey milk soap.

Nutritional Information of Donkey Milk Soap

The benefits of using donkey milk soap are derived from the nutrition or the beneficial content of the milk. Here is the nutrition of donkey milk soap which enables you to give excellent natural treatment for skin.

  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Immunoglobulin

It’s clear that those compounds are beneficial for skin health. Not only when the milk is consumed as a beverage, but also when it is processed into a natural soap.

The Benefits of Using Donkey Milk Soap

From the long list of nutrition above, we can conclude that donkey milk can present amazing performance as natural soap to enhance skin health and beauty. There are more benefits of using donkey milk soap as mentioned below.

  1. Creamy leather

If you compare donkey milk soap with the other soap, it has the creamier leather. So, it feels really nice on skin. It is similar with soap composed by mostly moisturizer such as dove with its Benefits of Dove Soap .

But we can say that donkey milk soap has the highest point as it is made of natural ingredients. So why don’t you try donkey milk soap and enjoy the creamy and bubbly sensation in your every shower.

  1. Soften skin

Donkey milk soap is not only feels soft on skin. In fact, it really helps you to get softer skin. The pH level in donkey milk soap is very close to human’s skin ph. Therefore, it helps a lot in hydrating, keep the skin moisture, and also keep the skin’s oil in balance. So, say goodbye to dry and chapped skin.

  1. Reduce irritation

Vitamin A in donkey milk helps us to reduce skin irritation. It is because the ability of vitamin A in repairing damaged skin tissue and maintaining skin health. Therefore, if you have skin irritation and avoid the use of soap, you can consider donkey milk soap as it is safe and even beneficial for skin irritation. 

  1. Prevent wrinkle

Some studies proved that donkey milk soap is verified to prevent and reduce wrinkles in the skin. It is contributed by anti-wrinkle effect of donkey milk soap which reduces and prevents the wrinkle to reappear, especially on face and neck skin.

Again, the ant-wrinkle effect is contributed by the natural moisturizer and vitamin E in donkey milk.

  1. Regenerate skin

Just like the other milk soap, donkey milk soap is regenerative. It is contributed by the high level of protein in donkey milk. Besides protein, the beneficial compounds for skin regeneration are phospholipids and ceramides which actively soothe and restructure skin cells in somewhat natural way.

  1. Anti-aging property

Besides the anti-wrinkle property, donkey milk soap can also provide the natural anti-aging property. It is supported by the content of antioxidants such as phospholipids, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E. not only prevent and reduce wrinkle, this benefit can also prevent skin from the other aging signs such as dark spots and loose skin. It keeps skin supple and youthful.

  1. Prevent infection

The routine use of donkey milk soap can also protect us from bacterial infection. So it is suitable for you with lots of outdoor activities.

It protects your skin from the threat of bacterial infection while keeping your skin beauty. It includes the ability of donkey milk soap to prevent acne. As we know, bacterial infection is one of the contributors of acne. 

  1. Treat skin diseases

Not only bacterial infection, donkey milk soap can also protect your skin from some diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The diseases are recognized by the appearance of redness, flaky skin, and also scar for eczema. The pain and itching are the most annoying part of the infection.

In this case, donkey milk soap helps you to soothe the symptoms and boost the recovery process. This benefit is similar with the ability of snake oil soap with the Benefits of Snake Oil on Skin Health.

Recommendation on Using Donkey Milk Soap

Today, you can easily grab donkey milk soap from anywhere of cosmetic soap. Or else, you can buy it online. But do you know that the handmade donkey milk soap is a lot better than the largely manufactured soap? Well, it is recommended for you to choose the handmade donkey milk soap as the quality and hygiene is credible. Or else, you can also make your own handmade donkey milk soap by following the instruction below.

First, prepare the equipment such as stick blender, weighing scale, thermometer, stainless steel bowl, rubber spatula, silicone molds. Make sure all the equipment is clean before you use them.

The next, prepare the ingredients such as a bottle of vinegar to neutralize the lye. The second prepare the mixture of donkey milk soap and sodium hydroxide. Then, prepare the mixture of vegetable oils. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil. The mostly used is coconut oil with Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin.

You can also add some fats by adding natural fats form Shea butter or cocoa butter. And the most important thing is that you need essential oil. It will give the aroma in your soap. So, chose your favorite essential oil. As an extra, you can put some dried leave or flower petals, or if you like you can put some oats. It gives you scrubbing sensation, and also gives more texture to your homemade soap.

Mix all the ingredients together, heat it on low fire, and when it is mixed well, you can pour the soap into the molds. Let them dry and harden for some hours or all over the night before you use them.