10 Beauty Benefits of Coffee Soap for Skin Treatments

Who here isn’t familiar with coffee? It is the black coloured drink famed and enjoyed by millions across the world. This beverage is regarded for increasing one’s body capability to stay awake for a longer period of time, therefore making it the primary choice for people who are supposed to be on duty late at […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Have you ever imagined that charcoal can be very useful to humans? Surely most of us do not know that charcoal can be very beneficial for health especially on skin health. Today there are beauty products made from charcoal from bamboo or commonly called bamboo charcoal soap. Since the beginning of time charcoal for the […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Neem Soap

Currently, the health world began many who switched the use of chemical drugs into herbal medicines. Likewise, that is associated with beauty products or body health such as soap. Currently, there is a soap with the basic ingredients of herbal or natural, ie neem soup. Neem soap is very suitable for all skin types because […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Soap Nut for Hair

Peanuts are usually used to make a delicious food menu. These foods are very easy to find around us. The price also varies, ranging from cheap like peanuts to expensive as almonds. But did you know that nuts can also be used to treat hair? One of them is the health benefits of soap nut […]

10 Super Benefits of Arrowroot Powder in Soap

Bathing is a fun activity. The most pleasant thing after bathing is the fragrance that comes from the soap we use. Soaps of various forms, there is solid and also there is a liquid. Its function also varies. In general, the content of soap has a chemical content. But did you know that soap that […]

6 Proven Health Benefits of Bathing with Dettol Soap

Bathing is a habit that is very essential to our body and skin health. To emphasize, we need a good soap to rub our body cleanly. While rubbing our body with soap, it kills bacteria and treat our health. Especially bathing with Dettol soap, which gives us many health benefits and improve our beauty. Dettol […]

15 Health Benefits of Using Black Soap for Body and Skin

Facial beauty is one of the most important things for most women. Having a healthy and beautiful skin is the desire of all women. But, frequent acne, black spots, fine wrinkles, and so forth is a problem that we often face. Acne is a problem faced by teenagers. But at the age of 25 years, […]

13 Amazing Benefits of Washing Hair with African Black Soap

Notably most woman might think hair is your crown as a woman. Then in a matter of fact maybe you are the one who is struggling with your hair problems. And you might be the one who already wasted money for the solution. Thus you should try washing hair with African black soap for you […]

4 Benefits of Brushing Teeth With Castile Soap

In fact, most people in the world brush their teeth using toothpaste. Even our parents and teachers taught us to brush our teeth with toothpaste. But in fact toothpaste has negative impact to our teeth. Scientifically toothpaste contains substance called glycerin which eliminates the teeth ability to re-mineralize itself. It makes teeth stop to kill […]