Is There Any Health Benefits of Chiki Snack for Children?

Chiki, or Chiki balls is a product of children’s snacks that nearly all Indonesians are familiar with. Chikis are crisps that is made of approximately the same ingredients with Health Benefits of Hot Cheetos, however if Cheetos has irregular shapes, Chiki balls are of course round! In fact, Chiki is so huge in Indonesia that many Indonesians began to see it as a […]

Benefits of M&M Chocolate – Excellent Source of Protein and Antioxidants

When it comes to chocolate candy, sometimes parents are running out of idea to prevent their children from consuming it. Well, actually there is no way parents could prevent their children form delicious chocolate candy like M&M because as parents, why don’t you ask yourself “Will you stop eating M&M if people told you so?” […]

8 Notable Benefits of Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks (Low-Fat Snacks!)

Many people sees snacks as just casual food. In fact, if we go look deeper, we will find that snacks actually have hidden benefits for us. Apparently, some regional snacks can be beneficial, such as shihlin taiwan street snacks and health benefits of almond pulp. Most of shihlin taiwan street snacks are highly nutritious and […]

Health Benefits of Corn Cakes – It Works for Keto Diet!

Currently there are many cakes made of various ingredients. One of the item which considered good for health is the health benefits of corn cakes. It is believe can support various health condition. Therefore, corn cakes is good for breakfast replacement mainly for those that running the keto diet. As today keto diet is quite […]

12 Wonderful Health Benefits of Black Sticky Rice for Daily Consumption

Not many people might be familiar with the health benefits of black sticky rice. Even not many people understand that this kind of rice is available. Except that in Asia that some of the people consume the black sticky rice as a snack. Furthermore, in Indonesia this rice is quite popular to mix with several […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Cassava Bread That You Rarely Known

Foods and beverages become one of the most influential things for our body health. We need to make sure that the foods we eat and the beverages we drink every day have a lot of nutrients that will be beneficial for our health. One of the most important molecules that we should monitor about its […]

Health Benefits of Veggie Straw (Snacking with No Worries!)

Do you love snacking as company when you have day off? Well, whether it is a potato chip, cookies, or kebabs, a free time without snack will never be as good with them. Usually, most people will choose potato chips over other snacks. Not only because its crispy texture, but also its delicious taste. Especially […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Oreo Cookies – Healthy Snacking

Oreo cookies are one of the most popular and the most recognized brand of cookies in the whole world. They are known for their trademark creamy filling sandwiched in between two layers of round dark chocolate biscuits. Oreo, which is manufactured and distributed by Nabisco, a multinational confectionery producer is claimed to have been marketed […]

12 Interesting Health Benefits of Savoiardi Lady Finger During Pregnancy

  Many pregnant woman might not know the health benefits of lady finger for pregnancy. This kind of cookies usually are favorit among the children. But it is find out that the snack also good for pregnant mother too. Therefore, there is no wrong to try having this snack for daily afternoon meal only during […]

Super Health Benefits of Gruyere Cheese – Nutrition Facts

Have you heard about Gruyere cheese? Yeah, it is one of the popular cheese which comes from Swiss. Gruyere cheese is known as a brown-yellow cheese which has a hard texture. It was made from the original-fresh milk of  Swiss cow. The name of Gruyere itself is taken from the place where it is produced, […]