20 Beauty Benefits of Sheep Milk #1 Top Skin Treatment

Get to Know More about Sheep Milk The milk that we commonly consume or even use in cosmetic products is usually a cow milk. However, a new research found that the sheep milk actually contains a higher concentration of nutrition in it than the cow, buffalo, or even goat milk. The problem is, the production […]

20 Wonderful Health Benefits of Donkey Milk (#16 Is Shocking)

Everyone loves milk, and there are so many variety of it. We’ve also already know the health benefits of cow milk, health benefits of goat milk, even health benefits of soy milk. But then there is donkey milk. It might be a little unfamiliar for you, but this milk have gone through many researches and […]

10 Health Benefits of Cadbury Chocolate for Mental Health

Everyone loves chocolate. That’s why even back over centuries ago, chocolate is considered as the drink of God. The fact that chocolate is everyone’s favorite is not only because of the delicious and silky flavor of chocolate but also the health benefits contained in chocolate. Today, there are a lot of ways to enjoy chocolate […]

16 Health Benefits of Coconut Milk On Hair #1 Beauty Treatment

Coconut milk is one of the good ingredients used for many years. The benefits is not limited for cooking only, but there are also some health benefits of coconut milk on hair. Therefore, it can widely used for many things. To produce coconut milk is not difficult. Blend the coconut flesh and mix with water. […]

9 Incomparable Health Benefits of Horse Milk #1 Proven

Horse milk is milk taken from a mare. Horse milk is very important to use in many cultures and remains an important part of natural healing in certain areas. Most people prefer to drink cow’s milk, or other milk such as almond milk or peanut milk, rather than having to drink horse milk. Although less […]

20 Health Benefits of Milk and Dates for Power Booster

Milk is a common drink that consumed by everyone in the morning. Started from babies up to adult. Sometimes some people added the milk with some dates. Not only delicious, but there are some health benefits of milk and dates. Therefore, it is start to be one of the popular beverages that worth to try. […]

14 Research-based Health Benefits of Drinking Milk with Saffron

The term saffron may not be familiar in your ear. However, you need to know that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world that comes from Crocus sativus (flower girlfriend) flowers that grow in the Mediterranean. The spice known as kuma-kuma is generally has a golden orange color and is often used as […]

25 Unbeatable Health Benefits of Bear Brand Sterilized Milk

You must already know the bear brand milk that is in the picture. You can find it in almost all stores. However, you should know, although the name of this milk is a bear brand, doesn’t mean this milk comes from the bear. Bear brand is also a milk that taken from cows. Then, why […]

12 Health Benefits of Low-Fat Chocolate Milk for Diet Program

Milk is a drink that is generally very liked by everyone and people must be know about Health Benefits of Milk. Because it is so popular, people make other alternatives by making low-fat milk so that people will not be afraid of consuming the milk in a routine or frequent time. However, low-fat white milk […]

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Milk in Ayurveda Treatments

There are a lot of benefits of milk in Ayurveda. It can be a good source of calcium, vitamin D, protein and many more. Based on the Ayurveda, there are various foods which called “Rasayana”. Rasayana means it has highly nourishing and can revitalizing our body easily. In Ayurveda milk is one of the best […]