10 Health Benefits of Taking Foods From Home

American society has a staple trend named social eating. The people do not eat home-made cooking but together eat at restaurants, café and other, including by ordering take out or to-go. Nowadays, the activity is becoming a habit to socialize with others not only in America, but also in the most of countries in the […]

18 Unknown Health Benefits of Argan #1 Recommended

Argan fruit is come from Argan tree. It is the eldest tree in the world. Argan tree has latin name Arganua Spinoa. This tree has very important role for a balanced ecosystem. Argan tree has just growth in southwest Morocco between Essaouira and Agadir. This old tree is very famous with its strength to survive […]

26 Unknown Health Benefits of Wax Gourd

Wax Gourd is similar to papaya, if you looked it from outside. Papaya has many health benefits for our health, so does wax gourd. Before we know more about health benefits of wax gourd, we have to know what wax gourd is. Wax Gourd or we know with Kundur, is a fruit with Latin name […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Babaco That No One Knows

For people in Indonesia, a half of us don’t know about this fruit. We can’t find babaco because it is only grow on highlands. It is meant that babaco only grow on high area that has cold temperature or mountains. Babaco doesn’t have little health benefits for us, but there are many health benefits of […]

3 Unknown Health Benefits of Monkey Meat

In Indonesia, Monkey is a kind of animal that is protected by government. We are avoid to hunt this species and eat it. But, in some region in Indonesia like Sulawesi, Lampung, Medan, West Java, even Jakarta, many monkey meat has been sold as fresh meat or foods where it is roasted or grilled. Monkey […]

13 Amazing Health Benefits of White Dragon Fruit

Who do not know about white dragon fruit? This fruit is so tasty and fresh, it mixes between sweet and sour. So it becomes one of favorite fruits for many people. But this fruit is expensive. Besides it is famous with its taste, it is famous with its health benefits for our healthiness, too. Commonly, […]

6 Unknown Health Benefits of Abiu Fruit #Nutrients Sources

This name fruit is Abiu. Its Latin name is Pouteria caimito. This fruit is famous enough in Indonesia. Its taste is not like common fruit but it is rather weird. If you are looking from its shape and tree, It is look-like sawo. Abiu’s leaf is oval with pointy. Its size is around 10 until 20 […]

6 Super Health Benefits of Catfish You’ve Never Known

The health benefits of catfish (in Latin name is Clarias) are questionable in your mind. Are benefits of catfish great for your healthiness? What are nutrients that you can get from consume catfish? Yes.. Catfish is a fresh water fish that you can find it in markets. Because there are some health benefits of catfish […]

11 Great Health Benefits of Eating Quail Meat

Quail is a kind of birds that has a small body like chick and it can not fly so high like the other birds commonly.  In the market, there are many quail meat that sells for consuming people. This bird has Latin named Cortunix. Commonly, many people consume its meat and eggs. Quail is cultivated and […]

13 Verified Health Benefits of Eating Crabs

In Indonesia, Crabs is a luxurious food. Because its price is so expensive, its taste is so delicious and it also has a lot of nutrients in its. So that, there are health benefits of eating crabs for our healthiness. Contains of Crabs Based on the research that is done with 100 gram crab, it […]