15 Health Benefits of Blackberry Tea (No.3 Shocking)

The studies focusing on berries currently have become the main topic since the berries themselves can lead to the powerful benefit for human life. For some researchers the berries have been known as a superfood since it can fulfill human health very well. Furthermore the berries also contain many powerful nutrients such as Fiber, antioxidants […]

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Blackberry Smoothies for Breakfast with Tips

Blackberry has long been held up as one of the superfoods because it has a high nutritional content and can support health, as mentioned in the benefits of blackberries during pregnancy.  In addition, blackberries can also be processed in many delicious and appetizing ways. Some of the advantages of blackberries that are already known are […]

7 Health Benefits of Lipton Diet Green Tea for Weight Loss

Tea is great for diet and weight loss is no longer a secret and among the various types of tea, green tea is the best option for weight loss diet. Green tea is made from unfermented leaves of Camellia sinenis, the same plant used to make oolong tea and black tea. What makes them different […]

15 Health Benefits of Chai Tea Latte (No.5 Works!)

Chai Tea Latte is a kind of beverages originally comes from India. If we get in to a café, it is usually serving menu of chai tea latte. The taste is nice, not too sweet, with a little bit bitter, and with strong taste of spice. It is one of the popular drink at current […]

14 Scientific Health Benefit of Wheatgrass Tea – Beauty Treatments – Reproductive Systems

Today, many people already understand the importance of healthy lifestyle, thus they start consuming healthy foods. One of the healthy foods are wheatgrass, which is known as the young grass of wheat plants (Triticum aestivum). Now, wheatgrass is known as one of superfoods which has high values for health.  Health benefits of wheatgrass has been […]

33 Scientific Health Benefits of Oolong Tea – Weight Loss – Beauty Treatments

Drinking tea is already becoming part of culture and tradition worldwide even British people found the term ‘tea time’ because drinking tea is part of their social activity. In Japan, they have their own tea ceremony which they have been doing since thousand years ago as part of their traditional tradition. However today, people are […]

20 Scientific Health Benefits of Wormwood Tea #1 Top Reproductive Treatments

Wormwood, also known as absinthe, wermut or Hia leaves, has the latin name Artemisia absinthium L. Wormwood is native to Europe, growing in bushes, and now can be found easily in USA. In ancient time, the known health benefits of wormwood extracts is mostly to purge intestinal worms. Wormwood is used in many traditional medicines […]

28 Proven Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea (No.22 Is A Shocking)

Tea is no longer just a beverage but drinking tea is already becoming a lifestyle. It is because tea is not only used to relieve your thirst but also used as medication. Earl grey tea is one of the variant of tea that is recently becoming popular among tea lover due to its unique flavor […]

16 Scientific Health Benefits of Goji Berry Tea (No.3 Works!)

Goji berry is the common name for 2 species of plants that look alike, Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense. The Mandarin name is Gou qi zi, and it is called kechi in Bahasa Indonesia. Both of them are members of Solanaceae family, which also includes potato, tomato, eggplants, and tobacco. Goji berry from China looks […]

22 Scientific Health Benefits of Buckwheat Tea (No. 17 is Excellent!)

Buckwheat or also known as Fagopyrum tataricum is a plant cultivated for its grain-like seeds which are related to rhubarb and sorrel. It becomes a substitute for grains for people who cannot consume wheat or other grains due to the presence of protein glutens. Many of people consume buckwheat as a tea. This buckwheat tea […]