16 Scientific Health Benefits of Bignay Tea (No.12 is Great)

Bignay is known as a species of fruit tree with Antidesma bunius as its latin name. This fruit originally comes from Southeast Asia and Nothern Australia. However, nowadays it is popularly grown in Philippine. The taste of this fruit is sour just like cranberries. Though, it is being well processed into many food products such […]

18 Health Benefits of White Tea #1 Top Beauty Treatments

Tea is always used as mainstays in various occasions. Good to accompany an afternoon snack or a relaxing cool down in time. This habit seems to have good benefits. Like we know, tea contains antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins which are good for health. This substance can counteract free radicals, preventing cancer and can […]

18 Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaves (No.5 is Amazing)

Blackberry is a fruit from Rosaceae family. Meanwhile, blackberry has sweet and sour taste. This fruit is usually process as jam, seedless jelly, dessert, or food dressing. Thus, blackberry is familiar in our menu but most people do not know about its benefits. Thus, it’s not only the fruits but its leaves also have amazing […]

7 Notable Health Benefits of Blackberries During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is something that all women and their partners are waiting for. When you are pregnant, you should pay more attention to your health more seriously.  Perhaps you need to understand the benefits of blackberries that are very useful to maintain your health. Since they’re also easy to get, there’s no harm in trying. As […]

12 Health Benefits of Blue and Purple Fruits and Vegetables

Do you know that mixing colorful fruits and vegetables to become tasty and healthy dishes are considered as art? Well, when it comes to vegetables, most people will think green when the fact is not all vegetables are consisting of green leaves. There are a lot of colors of vegetables and fruits and among the […]

13 Benefits of Buttermilk for Acne, Beauty, and Health

Buttermilk is the refined product of milk which is heated and fermented from fresh milk mixed with lactose acid bacteria. Buttermilk is processing from the butter and fermented product of milk. The taste is sour, a bit sweet, and creamy just like yoghurt. Buttermilk has vitamins and minerals, particularly B12 vitamins, riboflavin, and potassium. Related […]

15 Benefits of Baking Soda for Beauty Treatments and How to Use It

Baking soda is widely known only as an additional yet main ingredient of baking the cake or bread. Meanwhile, there are very few people know about the benefit of baking soda for beauty. Baking soda is a cake ingredient which is popularly used among pastry, bread, or cookie making. Baking soda is used to expand […]

18 Scientific Health Benefits of Italian Parsley (No.16 is Miraculous!)

Parsley leaf is a fairly small Mediterranean ingredients that wear colorful sprinkles. But let’s not think of it as just an ornament-after all, parsley has been around for more than 2000 years, and some of the proven benefits you should know. Parsley is a culinary herb and popular medicine is recognized as one of the […]

12 Scientific Health Benefits of Coca Leaf – Anaesthetic – Bones

Coca leaves have many health benefits. Coca (Erythroxylum coca and E. novogranatese) is an agricultural plant native to West side of Latin America. It is a shrub that can grow into 2-3 meters high. The branches are thin with dark-colored leaves. The flowers are small, growing in clusters with short stems. These flowers would later […]

19 Scientific Health Benefits of Wood Apple #No.16 is Marvelous

Wood apple (Aegle marmelos) popular with many names such as Japanese bitter orange, Bengal quince, bael, golden apple, or stone apple, is native to South and Southeast Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Indonesia). Hindu people consider the wood apple tree to be sacred, since it has been grown in India for more than 4000 years. […]