Top 15 List of Fruits from the Philippines and Health Benefits

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Speaking of the list of fruits from the Philippines and health benefits perhaps you will find the list is not that different from the list of fruits commonly found in South East Asia countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. However, the uniqueness of the Philippines is this country is consisting of thousands of islands, though the number of island is not as many as the Indonesia’s island but still each island is unique. The list of fruits below may represent the uniqueness of the Philippines you should know.

  1. Mangga

Mangga is the local name for mango. Most of countries located around the Philippines like Malaysia and Indonesia are calling mango with the same name, mangga. When talking about the health benefits of mango, the bright yellow color is the strong indication that this fruit is packed with all the vitamin C benefits.

  1. Lanzones

Lanzones are fruits originated from South East Asia countries, including the Philippines. The scientific name of this fruit is Lansium parasiticum which comes from Mahogany family. Lanzones are on the list healthy fruits for weight loss due to its low calories content and high in fiber. Moreover, the antioxidants content are also good to fight cancer.

  1. Pinya

Pinya or pineapple is well known as fruit from tropical countries and pinya is easy to find in the Philippines. When it comes to the benefits of pineapple the list could be endless but for sure, pineapple is excellent source of essential vitamins such as vitamin C, E and A. Pineapple is also great source of dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion and the intestine.

  1. Durian

Durian is one of the exclusive and favorite fruits among the Asian people because it is seasonal fruit and quite expensive but durian could be quite extreme for the Western people due to its strong aroma and mushy texture similar to rotten fruits. However, the benefits of durian are high in calories and excellent source of essential minerals such as iron, copper and potassium. Though eating durian is considered healthy but it is not recommended during pregnancy or people with high blood pressure conditions.

  1. Pakwan

What is pakwan? Well, pakwan is the local name for red watermelon. Yes, watermelon is like pineapple, type of fruit you could easily find in tropical countries. Almost 95% of watermelon is water but this fruit is also used as home remedy to several kidney disorders due to its diuretic properties. Moreover, consuming pakwan juice regularly could help reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure.

  1. Langka

The Philippines call it langka, the Malaysian and Indonesia call it nangka while the English name of this fruit is jackfruit. Jackfruit benefits for diabetes have been proven scientifically because it contains low glycemic index and excellent snack for those who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes.

  1. Rambutan

Do you know that one of the health benefits of rambutan is to prevent some deadly disease like coronary heart diseases and even diabetes? It is because rambutan contains potent and strong antioxidants. Not only that, rambutan is also containing some essential vitamins, from vitamin C up to vitamin B3.

  1. Atis

Atis or sugar apple is fruit with creamy flesh texture and super sweet. The name sugar apple is probably derived from the flesh texture which is sugary. There are a lot of name of atis, not only sugar apple but this fruit is also well known as custard apple, srikaya, sweetsop and many more. Health benefits of atis fruit are great for digestion, maintain healthy heart and prevent the development of cancerous cells due to its rich antioxidants properties.

  1. Chico

Chico is probably originated from Mexico but this fruit is growing vigorously in some tropical countries of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. Chico is packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and then fiber with low calories content and zero cholesterol.

  1. Santol

Santol has similar characteristics as mangoesteen but instead of dark red, the color of the shell is pale yellow. The texture of the flesh is also similar but compared to mangoesteen, santol is a bit sour. Health benefits of santol fruits are able to help reducing the high cholesterol level, boosting immunity system and good for oral organ.

  1. Kaimito

Kaimito is the local name of star apple and this fruit is originated from the Caribbean but quite famous in the Philippines, you could find the tree of kaimito all over the Philippines. This fruit is super rich in fiber, so, just like the health benefits of fiber, kaimito is excellent for digestion and the soluble fiber could bind the excessive cholesterol in the intestine to help managing its level.

  1. Suha

Suha comes from the citrus family and suha is the local name for pomelo. Pomelo is probably the biggest from the citrus family which flavor is similar to grapefruit, especially the red pomelo. Health benefits of pomelo or suha is rich of fiber and vitamin C, just like any fruits from citrus family. Suha is also packed with potent antioxidant which is good to prevent viral infection and fight free radicals.

  1. Guyabano

The English name of guyabano is soursop. Surely you know that the health benefits of soursop are not only from the fruits but also from the leaves. Soursop is excellent to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and generally great for heart. However, people with diabetes should consume soursop in proper amount to prevent the spike of blood sugar level.

  1. Kalamansi

Kalamansi comes from the citrus family but the size is really small. This fruit is not recommended to be consumed raw but excellent addition to some traditional soups recipes due to its sour flavor. Kalamansi is growing all over the Philippines and quite famous around Southeast Asia countries especially Indonesia and Malaysia.

  1. Star Fruit

The unique appearance of star fruit that similar to star when it is sliced is the reason why this fruit is super popular. This fruit is super tasty and sweet. The bright yellow color of star fruit is the strong indication that this fruit is rich of vitamin C.

Those are the top 15 list of fruits from the Philippines and health benefits that you could easily find in the Philippines and countries surrounding this country like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Some fruits like mangga and pinya are types of fruits commonly found in tropical countries around the world but other fruits like durian, rambutan and lanzones are type of fruits commonly found in South East Asia countries even the names are the same or similar.