Health Benefits of Skinless Turkey Breast #1 Tasty and Healthy

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Turkey is an alternative option to chicken for those who are bored with the taste, but still want to reap the rich protein benefits. Turkey breast is one of the best parts of turkey to consume especially if you eat without the skin. This part is low in fat allowing you to eat a lot without having to worry about your weight. Most importantly, turkey breast contains many health benefits your body can enjoy.

Skinless Turkey Breast Nutrition Fact

Every 3-ounce of skinless turkey breast consisting of:

  • Protein 26 gr
  • fat 1 gr
  • potassium 330 mg
  • sodium 55mg
  • cholesterol 70mg

The most amazing thing about eating skinless turkey breast is you will get no carbs because it is free of it. It does contain calories and all of them come from the fat. The protein content from skinless turkey breast is even higher than the same portion and condition of chicken, making turkey a great option for rich protein source.

Health benefits of skinless turkey breast

  • Aiding Weight Loss

Since turkey breast is rich in protein, this is the most appropriate meal to eat if you want to lose weight. Protein helps your body from cravings, reducing your appetite and keep you full longer.

Moreover, skinless turkey breast is low in fat and cholesterol and it even doesn’t contain carbohydrates. However, if you learn the health benefits of turkey sandwich, you will know that carbohydrates play role since sandwich containing bread.

  • Boosting Metabolism

not only turkey breast is high in protein, this meat is also high in potassium. Potassium can help boosting metabolism and it means that you cant easily gain weight. One of the health benefits of homemade turkey broth is also for Aiding in weight loss, you can also consume it as a variation to prevent you feeling bored eating turkey.

  • Regulating Cholesterol Level

Being low in calorie, fat and cholesterol makes turkey breast a perfect option for those who are worried of having their cholesterol rising up. By keeping your cholesterol low you can keep your health away from cardiovascular disease.

You can also try consuming boiled eggs to regulate your cholesterol level since one of the health benefits of eating boiled eggs is to lower the bad cholesterol level.

  • Maintaining Healthy Skin

Skinless turkey breast is packed with nutrient. It has protein, potassium and vitamin. When your nutrient is well supplied, then your skin is nourished from the inside at the same time.

  • Promoting Better Sleep

If having a better sleep is one of your high desire, you can try consuming skinless turkey breast instead of taking pills that might harm your body. turkey contains sleep regulator called tryptophan. By increasing the amount of tryptophan in your body you can experience higher quality of sleep without too much disturbance.

  • Fighting Depression

Tryptophan has been mentioned above is good for your body not only because it helps you sleep better, but also because it treats depression. This surely makes sense since those who have high quality sleep tend to have good psychological health. Indeed, that’s the health benefits of skinless turkey breast. 

Skinless Turkey Breast Recommendation Intake

Although skinless turkey breast is nutritious, keep in mind to not eating the meat too much because the tryptophan in the meat can make you feel sleepy when it taken a lot.

Be careful in choosing the type of turkey breast since some types of meat in the market might be high in sodium. Also, the prepackaged slices of turkey breast can have other substances that might distract the nutrition absorption to your body.

Caution in Consumption

To keep your skinless turkey breast healthy, ensure that you cook the meat in the right way to prevent adding more cholesterol and fat. Roasting the turkey is the best way to keep the nutrition without having to make it too oily.

Your turkey breast should be also cooked until 165 degrees Fahrenheit, no higher than that, to prevent losing most of the important nutrient. Incorporate some other healthy ingredients like garlic in your turkey breast meal to improve the health benefits. Keep the garlic fresh for the turkey meal can help you reap some health benefits of fresh garlic such as blood pressure regulation and stroke prevention.

If you ready to make your skinless turkey breast meal, there are hundreds of turkey breast recipe to try. Use turkey breast for vietnamese sandwich can be an amazing idea as well because there are many health benefits of vietnamese sandwich to get. The key to keep the turkey breast healthy is to cook it in the right way. So, learn the basic and collect the benefits.