Benefits of Litchi for Diabetes Treatment that Proven Scientifically

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Most people will avoid anything that has sweet flavour once they have been diagnosed with diabetes. However, do you know that not all the things that sweet are bad for diabetic patients, for example is natural sweetener comes from fruit, though of course in large dosage still may affect the blood sugar level. Litchi is one of the fruit with sweet and sour flavour perfect for diabetes patients because the simple sugar will not put your blood sugar in dangerous level and the fiber is perfect to prevent some complications caused by diabetic condition.

Why Litchi Is Good for Diabetes Treatment?

Well, though some people you know have claimed that it is normally safe to consume litchi for diabetes patients and even used as part of diabetes treatment. Surely you want to know scientifically whether consuming litchi is safe or not for diabetes. The list of health benefits of litchi for diabetes treatment below will answer some or probably all of your questions about litchi and diabetic patients.

  1. Rich of Potent Antioxidants

The role of antioxidants for diabetes treatment is because this powerful content could help fighting freer radicals that could cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress could lead to some severe health conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions. Antioxidants for diabetic patients are also essential to help maintaining their immunity and metabolism system.

  1. Inhibit the Body Ability to Produce Glucose

Glucose is produce through carbohydrate consumption. It is true that most of staple foods like rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole-grains products like breads are containing high carbohydrate. The health benefits of carbohydrate is essential for human body metabolism because carbohydrate will be turned into glucose and then turned into glycogen and then either stored as fat cells or turned into energy. However, excessive amount of glucose will cause problems like obesity (when stored as fat cells) or diabetes when insulin cannot work properly. However, litchi may be helpful in inhibit the body ability to produce glucose and manage the blood sugar level.

  1. Amazing Solution to Lower Blood Sugar Level

Some scientific studies that the seeds of litchi and some parts of litchi contains an active amino acid well known as hypoglycin which has hypoglycaemia effect or low blood sugar level. It means, those with high blood sugar level is high recommended to consume litchi but those who have symptoms of hypoglycaemia should avoid consuming litchi and even those who are having normal blood sugar level should not consume this fruit in large amount.

  1. Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is the root of certain types of diabetes. Inflammation could cause oxidative stress in cells that will affect the body metabolism generally. In other words, according to scientific studies, inflammation may also inhibit the production of insulin which is essential to turn carbohydrate into glucose which later turned into energy.

  1. Prevents Obesity

The ability of litchi to inhibit the production of glucose in human body may be good to prevent obesity. It is a common knowledge that among the health risks of obesity, diabetes is one of them. When fat cells are stored in excessive amount will force pancreas to work harder in producing insulin, the result is insulin insensitivity that will lead to diabetes type 2.

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamin C

One of the main vitamin c benefits is not only good to maintain immunity system but also optimize the nutrients absorption. During strict diet management, some vitamins or minerals deficiencies are common to happen that is why very important for all nutrients that already enter the body were absorbed optimally.

  1. Good Source for Potassium

Health benefits of potassium for diabetic patients are essential because potassium may be helpful to prevent complication especially heart problems since diabetic patients are in high risk of suffering from the symptoms of high blood pressure that could lead to more critical conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

  1. Helps Reduce Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance caused by the inability of body in absorbing insulin produced by the pancreas. The result is excessive amount of glucose in the blood that cause the spike of blood sugar level. Litchi may be helpful in reducing insulin resistance especially for those who are suffering type 2 diabetes.

  1. Promotes Good Digestion

As packed with soluble fiber, litchi is excellent for digestion. Healthy digestion is the key to healthy metabolism. Health benefits of fiber are not only good for digestion but also excellent to maintain the cholesterol level. High cholesterol level in diabetic patients could lead to more serious conditions.

  1. Tasty and Healthy Snack

For diabetic patients is not easy to find tasty, healthy and safe snacks to consume. Even, not all healthy snacks are safe for diabetic patients. However, fruits always become the best option when it comes to safe snack since fruits contain natural sweetener which consumed in moderate amount will not cause blood sugar level to spike.

Cautions of Litchi

Do you know that in some countries litchi is considered as dangerous fruit? Well, it doesn’t mean that litchi is dangerous because litchi is considered dangerous only in countries with high mal-nutrient cases. It is because litchi contains amino acid that may affect the level of blood sugar. Hungry children with low blood sugar level will drop to the ground due to hypoglycaemia because they suffer too low blood sugar level. If you are in perfect condition, nothing you should worry about when consuming litchi. However, still some cautions below are important to know.

  • Though you are in perfect health condition is still highly recommended to avoid or limit the consumption of litchi when your stomach is empty.
  • Consuming fresh litchi is considered safe for diabetic patients as long as it is consumed in moderate amount. However, if you are about to consume supplement from litchi extract, consulting it with your doctor is essential especially when you are taking specific diabetic medications.
  • For diabetic patients, consuming litchi that is effective in lowering blood sugar level is good. Unfortunately, for normal people, consuming it in moderate amount is recommended to avoid your blood sugar to drop too low or hypoglycaemia. Symptoms of low blood sugar level are including fast heart beat, nauseas and even faint.

Well, from the cautions of litchi mentioned above, the fact that litchi is considered as ‘dangerous’ fruit is not a myth at all. However, as long as you consume it in moderate amount, instead of the ‘dangerous’ part you could get all the health benefits of litchi not only for diabetes treatment for also for overall health.