20 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil and Honey – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

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Knowing that black seed has been used as a great source of health benefits, now we provide the article which will give you more information about the uses and the health benefits of black seed oil and honey. At this point, black seed comes from the flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae which has the Latin name as Nigella sativa. Moreover, this plant is known as native to south and southwest Asia. The seed of this plant has widely cultivated as many kinds of beverage such as black seed oil and honey which is an extracted oil produced by squeezing the black seeds and mix them with honey. The characteristics of black seeds show a slightly curved with a rough distinct texture and absolutely black in color. As a result, the combination of black seed and honey are perfectly matched to promote healthier body due to the nutrients contained.


Then, as the consequence, we also provide the list of health benefits of black seed oil and honey below.

1. Helps Losing Weight

As black seed oil and honey is a great source of nutrients, the nutrient properties contained in them help to maintain the body works. Moreover, as honey is a natural substitute for sugar, it adds alternative health and reduces the uses of sugar which lead to risks of certain health problems including diabetes and obesity. Therefore, as a substitute of sugar, honey is a great thing that helps you to lose some weight.


2. Acts as Antioxidant Properties

Do you ever think that our decision to combine black seed oil and honey is such a great idea? Well, we all know that both of black seed oil and honey contains numerous health benefits to the body health. Consequently, these perfect things have increased two levels of antioxidants caused by the good nutrients inside. For instance, honey contains floral flavonoids as powerful antioxidant properties which help to inhibit the destruction of collagen in the body. Therefore, you may have no doubt to consume black seed oil and honey since they have provided the strong antioxidant properties in order to protect your body against disease due to the effect of free radicals.


3. Acts as Anti-inflammatory

Due to the presence of is thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone, then black seed oil has two compounds that become anti-inflammatory to protect the body from any risks of disease caused by viruses and bacteria.

4. Prevents Cancer

Recent studies have shown that black seed oil has anti-cancer activities which are also linked to anti-inflammatory function. Indeed, as an anti-inflammatory, this one helps to build a powerful barricade to fight against the presence of bacteria, viruses, and risks of getting cancer. Moreover, the studies found that it stimulated to protects the cell from destroying effects of viruses and inhibited the tumor growth by 50%. To conclude, the studies state that black seed oil constitutes the prevention and the treatment of cancer.


5. Treats Pancreatic Cancer

As described before, black seed oil has a great role in preventing and treating cancer as well. As a result, a study found that consuming black seed oil regularly helps to destroy pancreatic cancer cells by 80% cancer tumor cells death. What a great number is it!

6. Treats Breast Cancer

It is known that black seed oil takes parts to inactivate breast cancer cells by preventing the inflammation and rebuild the immune system after chemo and radiation. Hence, it is recommended to have a regular intake of black seed oil to keep your body healthy and away from risks of cancer. Indeed, both of black seed oil and honey have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties as well.

7. Treats Colon Cancer

A study of cancer has found that black seed oil is an ideal treatment to decrease the presence of tumors in the lungs, esophagus, and forestomach. In addition, as black seed oil contains thymoquinone, this nutrient has a role in lessening the growth of breast cancer cells, brain tumor cells, cervical cancer, and pancreatic cancer effectively.

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8. Prevents Asthma and Allergies

A condition of disease which leads you to the hard breathing of respiratory problems is a symptom of asthma. At this point, black seed oil has anti-asthmatic effects and being a good alternative treatment for this kind of chronic disease. Also, not only for that but black seed oil is also beneficial to relieve the allergies.

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9. Promotes Good Digestion System

To have a good digestion system means that your body prevents any disease that is linked to digestion system such as bloating and constipation. Then, as black seed oil is carminative, it becomes the alternative remedies for preventing the digestion health problems. Moreover, to improve the digestion system, you can start consuming best foods including fruits and vegetables as the meal option.


10. Protect Against MRSA

MRSA or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a form of bacterial infection that is resistant to numerous antibiotics which the first sign shows as a minor skin sore or a pimple that is potentially harmful. As the consequence, with a regular intake of black seed oil and honey, they increase the body protection against viruses and bacteria including MRSA.

11. Protect Against Opiate Addiction

The presence of anti-bacterial activity in black seed oil then it helps to against the clinical isolates of opiate addiction as well as being an effective therapy and treatment of opioid dependence.

12. Prevents Fungal Infection

As black seed oil has thymoquinone which is the great antifungal compound against the tested dermatophytes and yeasts, then it has shown to help battling candida and fungal infections in the digestive system and on the skin.

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13. Protect the Liver

The one that has the great works as the nutrient of black seed oil is thymoquinone. This kind of nutrients id providing antioxidant enzymes glutathione peroxidase and glutathione-S-transferase which have a role in protecting the liver from toxins. Then, have a healthy liver and say no to the presence of toxins in the body.

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14. Prevents Radiation Damage

One of health benefits of black seed oil and honey is the way the seed oil has thymoquinone contained in black seed oil. Further, it protects brain tissue from radiation that is induced nitrosative stress.

15. Lowers Epileptic Seizures

There is a link between the epileptic seizures and the consumption black seed oil. As a result, research has shown that black seed has anti-epileptic effects in children with refractory seizures. Indeed, this seed oil has the ability to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures.

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16. Treats Psoriasis

As explained before, black seed oil is a perfect packaging of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which have a calming effect on such dermal eruptions. Consequently, this seed oil shows significant function to treat psoriasis, a skin condition that makes you feel itchy and has the dry red patches and scaly appearance.

17. Source of Beneficial Nutrients

Both of black seed oil and honey are a source of great nutrients. While black seed oil contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, crystalline nigellone, beta-sitosterol, thymoquinone, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, and proteins, then honey contains B6 vitamins, amino acids, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus. Indeed, all are beneficial as well as they work together to give you a healthier body.


18. Boosts Immune Health

All of the benefits above have proved that black seed oil such a treasure which gives us excellent health benefits. Nigella sativa boost the immune system by containing antioxidants, beneficial acids and b-vitamins to fulfill the nutrients and support the body work and functioning.


Black Seed Oil and Honey as Beauty Treatments

19. Promotes Skin Health

With antioxidants both of black seed oil and honey have provided, then they are beneficial in exfoliating, moisturizing, and keeping the youthful skin. They remove dead skin cells as the effective treatment for skin acne. Not only for that, they work together to protect against environmental damage that cause skin damage as they have antibacterial properties. For some tips, use black seed oil and honey together with coconut oil to soften and lighten the skin in case maintaining the beauty and healthy skin.

20. Promotes Hair Health

Use black seed oil and honey to promote your hair growth by using them as shampoo and hair conditioner regularly. Indeed, with the uses of black seed oil and honey, they are helpful to strengthen hair follicles. Moreover, scrub your hair by also adding olive oil or apple vinegar to prevent hair loss.


After reading the health benefits of black seed oil and honey, then have a look at great tips for consuming this kind of seed oils below.

Tips for Consuming

  • There are options to consume black seed oil and honey including to eat a teaspoon of them, swallow it with water or milk, or sprinkle them on bread and pastries.
  • Then, it is recommended to consume black seed oil and honey in moderate to get best benefits. Further, it is best to take the seed oil and honey before the meal for twice a day.

Now, we are reaching the end of the article and finally you have known about the uses and the health benefits of black seed oil and honey. Hence, you may consider to consume them regularly in case getting those health benefits as they have promised. Indeed, by selecting and consuming best and beneficial foods, you will have no regret to gain the benefits they offer.