14 Marvelous Benefits of Grapes during Pregnancy

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Grapes are useful for pregnancy, both for the mother to-be and the fetus because they contain vitamins which are beneficial for pregnancy. The vitamins and other important substances in grapes are:

  • Vitamin A, C, and B1
  • Beta Carotene
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Folic Acid
  • Omega 3 and DHA
  • Fibers

However, pregnant women will get the benefits of grapes if they consume them in sufficient and suggested amount.

14 Benefits of Grapes for Pregnancy: 

1. Improving the Development of Fetus Brain.

Folic Acid in grapes is helpful for improving the development of fetus brain. The most important function of folic acid is its ability to reduce the risk of birth defects. Grapes are important for fetus brain because:

  • It forms nerves in fetus brain.
  • It reduces the risk of birth defects.
  • It forms the brain tube for fetus.

2. Forming Bones and Teeth.

Folic acid and calcium in grapes are beneficial in forming the bones and teeth which eventually optimizes the fetus development and strengthen the bones of pregnant women.

3. Forming Spinal Cords.

Pregnant women should notice the development of spinal cords of their fetus because they are extremely important. Without well-formed spinal cords, the baby are not able to sit down or lie on the bed. Spinal cords are in our backbone or spine. The folic acid in grapes is important in forming fetus spinal cords.

4. Preventing Anemia.

Pregnant women often experiences anemia in the second trisemester. It is the time for the fetus to develop well. This makes red blood cells divides their benefits both for the mother and the fetus. Anemia can be prevented by pregnant women by consuming red grapes with suggested portion because iron in red grapes is richer than in any other grapes.

5. Forming Nerves Centre.

Pregnant mother need Omega 3 and DHA because they form the fetus nerves center.

6. Improving the Digestive System.

Constipation is the common digestive problem during pregnancy. Grapes are proven beneficial for pregnancy because they help the digestive system to perform well during pregnancy. Well-performed digestive system will make pregnant women free from constipation or another digestive problem.

7. Detoxification.

Fibers in grapes make pregnant women are free from toxin. Toxin gives such harmful effects both for the mother and the fetus. These are how grapes fibers clean toxin in the body:

  • Expediting the digestive system.
  • Cleaning the toxin in the bowels.

8. Increasing Immunity System.

Pregnant women are prone to illnesses because they will feel tired easily due to their condition. Therefore, they are required to keep their health well. Grapes, especially the green one, are able to increase the immunity system. High immunity system can counteract numerous illness.  Pregnant women are suggested to consume grape juice because it has alkaline trait. It can maintain the immunity system and improve kidney performance. Besides, grape juice is best for detoxification.

9. Improving Kidney Performance.

Due to their condition, there are pregnant women who have urination problem. This is because their kidney does not perform well. Therefore, they are suggested to consume grapes. Grapes has alkaline trait that makes kidney function well.

10. Removing Bad Fat. 

Pregnant women might experience obesity. Massive bad fat in their blood vessel lead them to suffer from serious illnesses, such as heart complication, hypertension and narrowed blood vessel. Those problems can be solved by consuming grapes. The alkaline traits in grapes widened the blood vessel so that pregnant women won’t experience those serious illnesses.

11. Treating High Cholesterol.

High cholesterol can happen to everyone who has poor eating habit, including pregnant women. High cholesterol in pregnant women is caused by high level of LDL.  Therefore, they are suggested to consume sufficient portion of grapes to normalize their blood pressure by leveling down their LDL level. The enzyme in grapes increases the bile performance that prevents the blood fat volume from increasing.

12. Reducing Swollen.

Pregnant women often experience swollen feet. Therefore, they should make a lot of movement, for example joining pregnancy exercise. Grapes are good to reduce swollen because they contain calcium and magnesium which proven effective to reduce swollen in pregnant women.

13. Making Skin More Elastic.

During their pregnancy, pregnant women experience stretch marks in several areas of their body. Grapes are beneficial to reduce the stretch marks. Grapes are believed to make the skin more elastic so that it won’t easily get stretch marks.

14. Stabilizing Metabolism.

Pregnancy makes the body metabolism is not stable. This is because the hormone in the body is not stable. The metabolism disruption influences pregnant women condition, for example cognitive reduction. Consuming grapes based on the suggested portion can stabilize pregnant women metabolism.

Apart from the benefits they offer for pregnant women, grapes somehow bring negative side effects that should be noticed if they are consumed uncontrollably because they contain dangerous substances. This will risk the pregnancy.

2 Dangerous Substances in Grapes are: 

  • Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a substance that is produced as a response to pathogen or illness. It is mostly found in peanuts, eucalyptus, lily, strawberry, grapes (and their processed products,such as wine). Too much consuming resveratrol can trigger miscarriage. In grapes, this substance is mostly found in dark skin grapes,such as red grape or black grape. In low consumption intensity, resveratrol can cause diarrhea.

  • Sugar.

The sugar in grapes is different from the sugar in the common fruit because it will quickly change to be sour during the fermentation process in stomach. This condition will trigger problem for pregnant women who previously suffer from gastritis. Besides, the continuous process of fermentation in stomach makes acid substances of grape changes into alcohol which eventually will lead to birth defects.

3 Negative Side Effects of Grapes for Pregnancy:

  • Gastritis.

A bit sour taste of grapes can trigger the increasing of gastric acid in the body. It is dangerous for pregnant women who previously have suffered from gastritis.

  • Bloated.

Consuming grapes too much can make pregnant women bloated. This is because the sour taste of grapes promotes gas in the body. Massive gas makes will make pregnant women experience bloated which eventually make them feel uncomfortable.

  • Diarrhea.

Grapes sour taste is possibly lead pregnant women to experience diarrhea. This condition makes pregnant women feel fatigue and weak for a long term because of loosing massive fluid from their body.

Despite their advantages, eating grapes during pregnancy is somehow invites controversy. Some say that consuming grapes during pregnancy is safe. However, others disagree with the statement.

3 Reasons why Grapes are Dangerous for Pregnancy:

  • Hard to Digest.

Black grapes is quite problematic for pregnant women because their skin is hard to digest. Moreover, the digestive system of pregnant women is very sensitive. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to avoid black grapes.

  • High Level of Acidity.

Grapes tastes very sour, especially when they are indeed sour even though they have already ripen. Their sour taste triggers heartburn. In same cases, high level of acidity can cause vomit, too. Therefore, pregnant women are suggested to eat too much grapes because they are prone both to heartburn and vomit.

  • High Level of Resveratrol.

The main problem of grapes for pregnant women is their high resveratrol that is potential to disrupt the balance hormone.

In order to have the absolute benefits of grapes and prevent its dangerous side effects, there are several save consuming tips.

7  Save Consuming Tips of Grapes during Pregnancy: 

  • Peel the grapes before consuming them because grapes skin contains a lot of resveratrol.
  • Consume green grapes that is believed more nutritious than dark skin grapes.
  • Consume grape maximally 0,2 kg a day.
  • If they are consumed as a juice, it is better to wash them, mash them with blender or a spoon, and strain them before drinking it.
  • Consuming grape juice in the morning will make pregnant women active and do not get tired easily despite their heavy weight.
  • Consuming grape juice in the morning works better in improving the appetite of pregnant women.
  • Avoid consume grape if pregnant women have gastritis problem.

Hopefully this information will satisfy expectant mothers about the advantages and disadvantages of consuming grapes during their pregnancy.